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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Manase!! Relax please !!

This has been an maxim which i have been telling myself constantly these days.I Have found that more than hard work and basic fundas being right,the most important thing in CAT is to maintain a cool head.someone did rightly say that CAT is not an aptitude exam but an attitude exam.I very well know that i am okay in english,i can manage a score of 25 + score of 20 in quant and 20 in where am i messing up.Its pressure,pure pressure which is making me commit horrendous mistakes and at times stalls my thought process.Otherwise how do i explain the fact that i am able to find out my mistakes as soon as i come out of the good thing is i am able to find out where i am weak and where i am strong.well w.r.t maths i cannot really say which area i am strong coz i feel i know all the areas its just picking up the sitters and the medium ones.

DI i have never crossed cut offs.The irony is it is the only section where i have finished all the given BRM's and sectional tests.So when i spoke to Gopi,my CL Mentor cum Counsellor he said that it might have been due to wrong selection of questions.He has asked me to redo the sprints again..gotta do it again..

RC - how will i exorcise this ghost.I am falling short by 3-4 marks.managing a score in the range of 11 in 20 mins.Thats not bad nor great but i know i will have to hit close to 20 attempts with a score of 16 on D-day.

It has been an okay weekend.Managed 95 odd atempts in TIME mock and 76 in CL.I hope i will cross 65 and 55 in both the mocks respectively.Going by PG scores it gives me jitters but why worry i am definitely improving.Did 506 analysis for 6 hours.Felt really good.Could feel the differnce during performance in Mocks.Math scores are bordering around 13-14 .need to rev it up further.Started solving my sprints without putting pen to paper . Its amazing i should say.Out of 15 questions i am able to solve 3-4 directly from the answer choices.accuracy is also okay..

Sunday went off very well.Wrote two satisfactory mocks,went to dhaaba express for dinner with my friend.he obliged by burning a hole in his pocket which indirectly meant that "agla haftha mera number ayyega".

Monday got up around 7:30 did "Gayathri Japam" and then left to office by 10 AM.evening had dot net training class.It was very good esp: the tea which they served in between the classes.barring assemblies and manifests i was able to get hold of most of the things.Came home early and wasted time listening to all gossip abt marriages and ppl who were abt to get married and who was betrothed to who? and what not else?

My second cousin is getting married tomorrow and i will have to go there and shit!! all the people will notice and i bet the first question evryone will ask is "what the Hell are u doing in India?Enna Usla MS keda kalaiyaa??".I will hit back next june.Till then it will be just smiling and telling em that i dont want to leave India and wanna work before i do a PG.I am going to be the only male cousin who will atend the marriage considering the fact that the other guyz have left for US of A and the other lone cousin in Infy will not attend it.anyways its going to be a great marriage and most important of all good sumptuous food.Hope my cousin Ganesh turns up for the wedding else it

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Of Mock Cats,Frayed Tempers,Hysterical reactions,Awe...

506 has also been a flop . my net is highest so far but the rank and percentile is not upto mark. anyways nothing to worry.Gotta brush up in 2-3 areas that should do the trick this weekend.Going to analyse the mock for the full day today.TIME website classification of diff,easy questions comes in very handy. Nothing to write today except that i was just mailing,chatting and whiling out the time.

507 - target is 50 + with emphasis on clearing cutoffs.hope i make it!!

sole consolation--- CL mock i managed to break the top 500.Hope this run continues..

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

R U Prepared to take risks,Then contact Us..

"Lifela risk Idukka Thaiyyaraa!! Appadina entha Numberaa Contact pannunga!!!" -- (tamil equivalent of the title!!)These were the first words my friend heard from an stranger as he was stepping out after attending a job interview.Being jobless without even thinking whether the stranger was a recruiter for Al-Qaeda or an american contract company in Iraq my friend said yes.This signalled the start of sequence of interesting events that happened yesterday.

My friend was called for an interview by this XYZ company which ironically is quite a popular MNC . He had his interview at 10 AM in the morning and the recruiters pleased with his capabilities asked him to directly start on a field trip the very day itself.Besides tehy asked him whether he had passports and would be requiring them as he would be likely visiting australia in a few months.Now my friend( say rahul for namesake) isn't such a nitwit to accept the facts blindfoldedly.He immediately called me up and asked me whether the company existed and how big the company was.I was afraid that they might dupe him,sell off his kidneys ,what not else..coz no company by just talking to a graduate will ask him to get ready to be flying in 3-4 months.I searched the Net and was surprised that such a company existed and was a major player.I told him that he was fortunate and he should go ahead.

aah..i forgot to tell you the definitions the company's senior executive asked him..he asked him to tell the difference between "Employer " and " Employee".After telling the normal funda defn: the Comp: banda said that

The former starts with E and ends in R while the latter starts with E and ends with E .

my friend was dumbfounded. He started thinking whether the man was joking or was he really a "Soora kadiyan"(mental) . But,thats where the difference is,the banda being trained in giving new definitions a la arindham chaudhary or shiv khera elucidated abt the funda..

Employee starts with Empty hands and ends up also as a Empty man ( E E)
Employer starts with Empty hands and ends up as a
Rich man.(E R)

i was literally rolling on the floor when i listened to this explanation.Then with high hopes my friend set out to go for his first day of training in the field with a person of that organisation.with high hopes of doing causal analysis,strategy planning or risk management in the company the Bike ride passed away with dreams and hopes of a brilliant future.The bike stopped and the fellow colleague asked him to alight down and then some other person took away the bike .Now lord nataraja helped them and they reached the field,a business man's office and before even entering the office first word my friend heard was " Get out " .He was stunned.He still had no clue about what kinda job he was supposed to do.then slowly they went to another office and this time my friend heard the golden words " Aiyya!! Saami Credit Card freeya tharom,Vaangikanga" .

The harsh reality came to fore--He was supposed to sell HSBC credit cards!!

its been too big a post... i donno whether my write up was humorous but the way he explained it to me really got me in peals of laughter..esp: two incidents about which i will write in the next post.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Prashanth,Wake up !!

I have to keep telling this to myself to keep me awake! Side effects of intensive Bench scrubbing is somnific.i dont need a soporific ,my work is more than enough to do so. Today has been one of the most drab days,I realised that the CAT mania is eating me alive and i am slowly losing my individuality, humour and best of all my ability to recollect jokes from movies and narrating it to friends . Life's becoming more mechanical and predictable . There is no variety or spice .This monday and next mondya are going to be the same.the routine never changes.Hardly any surprises!! . I go to my home for lunch ,hence i dont talk to my classmates in my project during lunch time,leave home by 6:30 and then also very less time for friends.Weekends pass in a jiffy with saturdays going for analysis and sunday's for mocks.I am unable to devote any time for my friends.

Is this what i wanted?I wanted a happy life but for ensuring that my future is going to be great i am missing my present . I am not partying , i am not going out , i am not dreaming . what's happening to me.There used to be days wherein in coimbatore when i used to go to the ISKCON temple i used to think that i will bring my wife with me here,my kids and take out a walk with the girl of my dreams in my college campus at 12 in the night.But now,even when i goto temples i just think i have to CRACK CAT . The Idiot Box gives me some company but my parents say that i have to start studying and to crack CAT more efforts would be required.I am 22 but i cannot argue coz i know i would need their support in future.In case i fail to make the CUT i need somebody to give me solace and i dont want my parents to say that for your efforts this is what you deserve.(though this seems unlikely,i am not ruling out probabilities).Deep down i know how much my heart yearns for a seat in the IIMs and i darenot think about the consequences.

I am tring to maintain my cool but am unable to do so.I know i deserve a break but i dont have the confidence to take a break.I am analysing my mocks to the max but the results are yet to come.I need one confidence booster.thats all i ask,if i manage a score of 55 + in any one mock then i will be able to strike form . I dont know why I am doing so badly.Mebbe God wants me to continue on the good work so that the fruits will reap at the most oppurtune time.But right now i need a break and a morale booster!! God!! R u listening??

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Weakness Identified

AIMCAT 506 and CL Mock 2 yesterday highlighted my areas of weaknesses.

QA - Speed is lacking.I hardly attempt that means i have to start doing more and more geometry. i attempt 16-18 questions in 40 mins and manage a score between 11- 13 which means that i am bordering on 90 percentile in to nullify that i have to increase attempts to 22 and get 19-20 answers right.

VA - silly errors in fill up blanks and grammar.have 70 % accuracy in that. That should be nullified.That calls for more practice on grammar and reading the GRE word list again.just gotto give a glance for 4-5 days.i remember most of teh words.

RC - most weak area.The marks in Sectional tests do not forebode anything.scoring 6-7 in 20 minutes which is very poor.speed reading has to be incorporated.An hour a day for Rc would be required till september end.

DI - accuracy is very poor in data sets.manage only 60 % accuracy.attempts is also very poor.its between 18-20 attempts in 35 minutes.

Ideal attempts and accuracy on D-day would be

VA/RC : 35 - 40 Net score - 30 +
Quant : 20 - 22 Net score 16 +
DI : 26 -28 Net score 20 +

Ideally a score of 65 + is what i should be looking at.

Now i have to increase my score in VA by 10 marks
quant by 4- 5 marks
DI by 8 marks

Got 3 months i hope i can make it up before that....
till next mock i am going to try to improve my accuracy in RC..

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

IIMA!!!Where art Thou??

Did anybody notice...I have removed the IIMA tag from my Blog.I am a bit superstitious.somehow things are not going proper for me.So just thought why not maintain a low profile till CAT gets over.Maybe thats why my scores are dipping and i am solving in a rather haphazard manner while the same questions in sectional tests i am able to solve with a much higher accuracy and double the score which i am getting..

So decided on two things...

The tag will be empty till i find form or till Nov 21.

I will not browse pagalguy anymore coz there are hardly any quant threads and the scores ppl post make me shit scared.i dont want to ruin myself by comparing with the likes of Suzy,rohith and Ghulam.Its Not that i am afraid its just that i will come when i am fully prepared and fully armed.Jumping into the battle without proper preparation and safety gear is commiting suicide.

As Arnie says "I will be back "

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A field guide to getting married in South India

an awesome article which i got from Ananth's blog

Enjoy..its long but awesome.....

O.K. Long, hot and educational day in Chennai here. While work is about as non-stimulating as a dead halibut, Parul's made me think a lot. His question "why doesn't chennai have chicks", has made me think long and hard, and well, come up with some more tripe, but I think I will document it anyway. Some tripe can be saved...

Chennai doesn't have good looking girls, because in a moment of madness we gave them over to our guys in Seattle a long time ago. Or Bangalore. Or Fondue Alaska. Or wherever the money is.

Yes. TN is rapidly joining the eclectic group of nations amognst which are Poland, Israel and Ireland. We now have a larger number of expatriates living outside the state than within. We wouldn't mind if half of them were the mustachioed ding dongs, we have to put up with. But most of them are our girls.

Yes. In reply to Parul's question let me state. All of Chennai's girls are in Seattle, happily wed to south indian tambram males most of whom are errr... software engineers. in most cases it's a lucky accident if the girl in question is over the legal age for marriage. because to the tambram the one thing that speaks of a secure if rather boring future is the software job. Remember the tambram motto "go for gold".

To understand the finer nuances of this prediliction of tambram father-in-laws for software engineering, you need to understand the mind of the tambram father-in-law(quite a controversial statement this, the grotesque gossipy grooms association has just issued a statement that the tambram fil has no brain at all. To them I answer "wait till you get daughters", with a sneer, seeing that this is impossible, since they can't get married).

Most tambrams are quite conservative, traditional folks, with a strong streak of hypocrisy. This is not to say they need to villified. In this they are as much like the other thevars, chettiars, jats, punjus, gujjus, mallus, communists and other jingoistic tribes that make up much of this secular if confusing nation.

Many progressive tambrams may object to this sterotyping. To them I shall quote statistics. From the great tambram institution of The Hindu. Later. And they shall be convinced.

To continue...

This conservative and secure streak in the mind of the prospective tambram father-in-law has led to a rigid stratification of the educational qualifications that is necessary for any prospective groom to possess.

At the bottom of the layer, the very least that a girl ought to marry, the discount/compromise degree of educational qualifications is of course the engineer. This is the ordinary "plain-engineer". To the tambram fil (father-in-law), an engineering degree is the least that he can tolerate. An engineering degree qualifies you as scratch for entering the matrimony market. Commerce graduates need not apply. The engineering degree is what qualifies a boy to scratch. Only if he is an engineer is he supposed to have the necessary intelligence to even get married. The tambram fil looks upon commerce as an abomination, economics as something studied by mental retards, law by the lawless,and arts as that studied by rogues and ruffians. Liberal studies are an unknown quantity here. The one thing that certifies that you will be capable of taking care of your wife is an engineering degree.

Trivia: Did you know that TN contributes the largest percentage of engineers to all of India. It's not because we have this desire to build bridges, but it's because otherwise we won't get any.

The plain engineer is one of those who have been churned out of one of TN's many engineering colleges. And holds only a BE degree. This is why he is plain. His college is virtually an unknown quantity, and resembles to a large extent any secret society. Mostly only those who are forced to go there, know it's existence. But let's move on with our ranking...

Next are those who have graduated from Anna University and the RECS. But there is a large schism within this group. There aretwo factions. One of which are those who hold their noses high in snobbery because they have been educated within TN, in either REC Trichy or Anna University. Facing them are the others noses equally highly held because they hold the opinion that their sons and daughters having been educated in such foriegn and alien lands like Punjab or Haryana are better, tougher than those who have been mollycoddled back home. Their detractors claim that this may have polluted their morals and ideals, and thus stepping away from the boundaries of TN must immediately make them inferior to their pure and idealistic Tamil counterparts. If you ever come down to my family, you can regularly see two aunts belonging to each side of this schism, indulging in severe snoberry, putting down their opponent's offspring and generally being terrifically bitchy. Oh well! Aunts certainlly aren't gentlemen.

Next comes a rather disenchanted and usurped group. They once held roost over this entire pyramid of qualifications, but over the last few years, the job market, and offshoring has conspired to push them lower down the pecking order. Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the IIT boys. They were once royalty, enobled, endowed with mythical abilities in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and stuckupness. Their intellectual prowess was enough to convince the tambram fil that this lot would keep their daughter happy. In fact, matrons with marriageable daughters invested such powers in the IIT guys, that it was sometimes embarassing. Yes! Atthai, I am refering to you. And no! that poor bugger didn't startup Intel. He was just working in it, and no! he didn't own the company, just some stock options there. But the fall from grace has been anything other than dignified. The strict emphasis on the monastic life in IIT, and their unconcern for most of the world, and their boldness has not endeared them to the fil's in tamland. The present trend has been to be rather disdainful of IITian's. Yes Atthai! I am talking to you. And no. He didn't walk out into the Canadian cold clad in his chaddis. He was locked out of the house. And no! he doesn't care if you don't get your daughter married to him. He wants to remain a bachelor. Nowadays, urban legends are circulated about the eccentries of IITians, possibly started of by some irate nogoody who didn't get any, about the IITians various excess, but these urban legends still continue to fly about. These may turn out to be the proverbial nails in the coffin of the IITians.

Next comes a rather generic rank. The subdivisions in this rank are still not completely defined, boundaries are constantly shifting, so are loyalties, and there rage battles in families, when an aunt or an uncle, contravenes social customs, and unknowingly promotes the status of one subgroup over the other. But there are three distinct subgroups. MNC-mappilais, MBA-mappilais, IIT-MBA mappilais. The MNC man is a plain engineer who has through sheer dilligence begun working in an MNC and is hotter than the mere IIT graduate who works in a startup. The IIT-MNC scores over the MNC and the commerce-MBA-MNC is at the bottom of the pecking order in this group. The IIT-MNC scores over the commerce-MBA-MNC. Top of the pops is the IIT-MBA-MNC. He scores over the other two, and is quite a favourite amongst old tambram patriachs, who voice loudly to neighbours and young tykes not yet strong enough to rebel, the opinion that it's better to still be able to talk to your girl. However the MBA's we are refering to are IIM MBA's. People with international MBA's do not fall into this category. Unless they are non IITian international MBA's. In which case they are clubbed with the hoi polloi MBA-mapillais. However this has led to a lot of discontent with the international non IIT MBA's claiming their right to emancipation and asking for a separate category altogether. In this they are joined by their tambram fils who feel quite cheated like the time they brought a stock valued at 2000 and the bottom fell of at 2. nonIIT IIM's are lower than the IIT IIM's but a cut above the mere MBA-mapillais. Quite a few skirmishes are indulged in by all these warring tribes, and the amount of real politik indulged in by the elitist mamis, in a game of one upmanship has to be seen to be believed.

After this rank are the IIT-international-MBAs. Wharton in the glorious United States of America or WaggaWagga in Australia, these boys are fine examples of the fmcg that they usually market. But the intellectual snobbery of the tambram comes to the fore here. These fine young gents are looked down upon as soap sellers, never mind that selling soap is the largest industry in all of the world, and ink happens to be the blood of all civalization. If an mba, he needs to be an ibanker. Many a tambram fil has been shamed by the knowledge that the happy "Manager of Sales all of North America" to whom his daughter was married, was a mere soap seller. This has caused inconceivable sorrow to a lot of these international inverteberates, not to mention a lot of the poor blokes who are forced to sit and listen to warring uncles proclaim proudly that their sons are great because they are or are not MBAs.

On top of this pyramid is the MS boy. He is the paragon of all virtues, and of monumental mental abilities (sic illnes). The one educational qualification which speaks of "status", "prestige" (not to be confused with the cooker variety), and soundness of investments, this is the pinnacle that any tambram boy can attain. Of course like the p-band of the orbit of an electron around an atom, things are not so simple. There exists an onion skin layer of close divisions amongst the MS'es. Lowest of all is the MS boy whose is not an IITian and not working in an MNC. Then comes a non IITian MNC. Then comes an IITian non MNC, and then finally IITian MNC. MSs are valued more than PHD's for reasons best known to tambram fils. Like the Jews of Israel, MTechs from IIT and Phds are a neglected tribe. I remember a friend of mine in Stanford who did a Phd in Computing. After which he decided to join his buddy Larry and work with 10 computer boxes on Larry's scheme. But unfortunately his parents couldn't find a suitable bride for him, becuase he wasn't an IIT-MS-MNC. There was no way he fell into any of the mentionable bands, because an IIT-Phd would project him as being incredibly donnish and thus not intrested in his wife, while IIT-MNC would brand him as an underachiever. So after long thought his parents forced him to get a job in an MNC, presented his MS certificate alone, "he is trying for a Phd" was the excuse I think and at the end of it, voila he got a job at AT&T and a wife. Of course his friend Larry was dissapointed, and offered to buy our banda back with stock options, offers promptly refused. Larry went on to be the founding father of Google, but such is life. But even amongst the MS there exist layers of sub stratification. Topmost are the core intellectual courses like computer science and communications. A fall back is something like mechanical which is good if you work in Caterpillar or Ford and downright bad is civil unless you work in Larsen and Tubro.

Amongst the neglected tribes are the MSes who have returned back home. This group has continued to confuse everyone. They have all the categories required, yet their coming back home seems to speak of lack of some moral compunction, some defeciency of the soul. But worst of all is the fact that they are unclassifiable and this leads to a hatred of this tribe. With his strong grounding in science the failure to classify this group irritates the fil, and finally leads to his hate for the group.

But even as we speak the differences between these groups are being eroded, whilst they still indulge in battles.

O.K. enough dramatic. Let me now ask and answer a few questions.

1. Has this answered Parul's question?
A. Yes it has

2. Does the entire essay explain the answer
A. No it doesn't. It was tripe. Btw the Tambrams association has decided to sue your balls of you.

3. Where are they getting their lawyers.
A. They aren't. However the next time you use your computer you better watch out.

4. How can I use this article.
A. You can promote this article and forward it to friends, make me famous and earn my eternal blessings. Yes! you can forward this as much as you want as long as, you maintain I wrote it.

5. Or?
A. Or you can use this as a guide book when you enter a tambram family intent on murdering it's own, and then use this to maintain a diplomatic distance from the bitchy mamis and sanctimonious mamas.

6. Can I help you?
A. Sure you can. Can you get me a beer?

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Monday, August 16, 2004

Back to my roots

Started writing my blog in the morning and darn this stupid blogspot..there was an error and no contents were published.i ran out of energy and did not try to do it again.I had typed nearly 500 words.all gone in a flash.

T trip was filled with nostalgic memories.The village is no longer how it used to be.Locked houses ,streets bereft of any noise or commotion,absence of children playing in the mud and giggling young girls who used to carry water from the nearby lake.nothing was there.It was very much remniscent of how cheran perceives his village in his film autograph.No water anywhere,even the wells are dry.

one positive note:my visit gladdened the hearts of my grandparents.

saw my aimcat results today. a pathetic 5000 odd rank.seriously considering on changing my Blog TAG.IIMA??good joke??

but bhars has revitalized me saying that i should not carry teh failures but the lessons from the failures.Maybe on an optimistic note i can say teh worst is over and better things are yet to come.who knows??

I have scored the least amongst all my batchmates @ CL.What does that forebode?Nothing but it was yet another bad day.i am trying to be optimistic . lets see whether this brings me results.not expecting it immediately but should come when it matters the most.

Project yet to scrubbing the bench even more furiously with renewed vigour and zeal.i am going to talk to my APM to know the status coz this boredom is killing me and i am not able to even study at home.

Right now i am reading ASP.NET Unleashed and Rich DAD Poor DAD by kiyosaki

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Back to my roots

So i have finally arrived back to Chennai.I reached Chennai by 9 PM yesterday.
So its been a mixed bag so village trip was pleasant.My grandfather was overjoyed when he saw us and he was at his best self for the past 4 days and was felt a bit low as we left.

The trip was filled with nostalgic memories .The village no longer seemed to resemble the one which i used to visit often in my childhood bore the look of a deserted village with hardly 50-60 ppl living in an area which just before a decade housed nearly 400 people.The village,well the "Agraharam" is slowly dying.There are hardly any kids.No neighbours,no hwakers,no sound.Just a deafening silence all through the day.The majority of the inhabitants are very old people counting their last days.There used to be at least 10 servants in our house at any point of time and now there were hardly one or two.I used to travel to nearby villages by bullock carts,but now there are neither bullocks nor the carts.

Our garden of nearly one acre used to be replete with mango ,jackfruit,guave and all other sort of trees.But now nothing remains,its just dense vegitation with snakes and scorpions ruling the roost.

I doubt whether my kids will be able to see the glory of my village.My father was nearly in tears on seeing teh state of teh affirs of his childhood home.What can we do about it?Agriculture is not doing well,rising cost of living,lack of oppurtunities in villages makes everyone head towards teh cities.Blame it on Globalisation.Nothing can be done.These things are inevitable.

I had sumptuous meal on four days and my grandma lavished all the care she could afford on us . My grandpa used to be a strict disciplinarian and even he did not impose any conditions on us and mind you he congratulated me on completing one year of work at CTS on Aug 1st 2004 ,exactly a year after my joining date.

after those pleasnt 4 days i am back to chennai and was greeted witha rank of 5000 and odd AIR in AIMCAT 504.mebbe in a positive note i can say the worst is over and teh best is yet to come.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Retreat to the rustic Life of Kumbakonam

So its been decided! i am going to my native village near kumbakonam for two days to spend two days with my grandparents.After all its been nearly a year since i paid them a visit.Definitely they deserve much more , but the hectic schedule of my work and other personal commitments take a toll on my frequency of visits to relatives and friends should be a welcome change after the horrible time i have had since august 1st.
so no TIME mock this a way i am gives me time to do some more sectional tests before the next test.

The best news of this week has been that my brother has got BE ECE admission in SVCE, he will be the second ECE engineer in our family after me.Hope he does not emulate me!!

Thats it for today!! Gotta go home...we are leaving by car to Kumbakonam ...

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

IT and Tamil films - The Missing Link

Kannukkul Nilavu thinking of going US in h1b

Sollamale without notice and resignation,quitting the job

Gopura Vasalile US Embassy entrance

H1B quota over

Vazhave Mayam h1b rejected

Kushi H1B Stamped

Varumayin Niram Sivappu Bench without salary

tic tic tic First day in client's place

Punnagai Mannan Doesn't understand what the Client says.

Aasai to have green card

Green card

Amarkalam returning to native(mainly village) from US after 1 year
Alaipayuthe jumping from one company to another

dreaming of starting new programming company

Kandukonden Kandukonden after finding the bugs

Basha one patch fixes 100 bugs (OR) A fix

introducing 100 new bugs

writing proper comments on code

Raman Ethanai Ramanadi Polymorphism

Enakul Oruvan
Data Encapsulation

Oru veedu Iru Vaasal Multiple Inheritance TCS

Kaithy Kannayiram TCS employee

Oru kaithiyin Diary
Biodata of TCS employee Characters

Padikkatha Methai Year2000 programmer

Gokulathil Seethai
MBA guy doing Java programming

Hey Ram
doing MTech in IITs and joining as Programmer Trainee

Chinnathambi 2+ yr exp. guy becoming a PL (Project Leader)

Periyanna 4 yrs exp. guy still being a PE

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Monday, August 09, 2004

Darkness Everywhere

Suddenly i feel as if i am treading in a path filled with darkness.I feel empty and hollow.I am unable to recognize who i am??All of a sudden i feel the entire world is laughing at me,deriding me.My intellect is not aiding my cause.What is happening?The last 10 days have been terrible.All 3 Mocks which i took ended up in disaster.I cannot comprehend why?My mom asked whether i was losing direction and focus?I feel as if i am gonna be again branded as the hard worker who ultimately ended up as a loser.LOser ! Loser! Those are the signs i keep hearing!! why am i failing in mocks while the same questions i am able to solve effortlessly @ home!! Is it pressure?i dont think so.. i usually solve it in a calm manner even during the mocks.

Am i really Fit for this Exam?Do i have it in me to break the ice this year?These were questions to which i previously thought that there was only one answer and the answer was Yes! but now a sense of pessimism seems to overwhelm me.What if i fail?

It has been really terrible and in spite of being a online diary i am writing all crap i can coz it really hurts.after prepping for 3 Months i never expected to do so badly in my mocks.Is my english deteriorating?

I seriously donno where to start with.i obviously cannot go back to my funda books .i am through with them.The inferiority complex is looming large over my head.Why is it that i am being such a dolt?

With these kinda scores i cant even make it to the 20-30 ranked B-Schools.Career seems to be @ crossroads.Took a big risk by not studying anything related to S/W in Lieu of CAT and suddenly i find myself floundering in both ends.

I donno what prompted me to write this,but i am feeling really low and wanted to pour away my feelings.i am in my office otherwise i would have cried but thanks to blogspot i am able to give vent to my feelings in this Information Highway.

Feeling a bit better now...

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Monday, August 02, 2004

CAT Form Obtained !!!

wow!! what a terrible weekend !!!
Played cricket on saturday dropped 3 catches ,gave 11 runs in an over which comprised of 4 wides and a six and scored 2 paltry runs .

Sunday was much worse with AIMCAT 503 turning out to be a bundle of super bloopers.
scored a pathetic 38 .Have to improve my RC.Accuracy is very bad there.left 6 sitters in VA and made errors in 4 that counts for -11 marks which could have easily turned the tide in my favor.

DI made the biggest blunder in attempting LR first.attempted 15 got 10 right.
Anyways it was my first Mock after doing some preps.i still haven't finished the sectional i believe i will strike form after finishing the sectional test

Got the CAT form from SBI,Mt.Road.Mom wanted me to get it between 12 and 2 as it was an auspicious hour and i got teh forms at around 12:55 .That was the oly success i tasted this week.

Biggest loss of this weekend was 12 hours of unutilized CAT preparation.all attributed to Cricket.6 hours for playing cricket on saturday and 6 hours for watching that dumb asia cup final.India S**ks big time in all finals under ganguly's captaincy.

I am not gonna watch any more cricket or play cricket for the next 3 months.i could see the effects of what cricket did to me this weekend.

Anyway sense prevailed over me and i did an analysis of AIMCAT 503 for 4 hours,the only useful work of the week.

Biggest comedy of the week was that some ladies asked my mom whether she was looking for an marriage alliance for me...oh my gawd!!!
gimme a break..i am just 22....

anyway a consolation was that there were also some people in this world who thought that i was a fit and suitable groom...i am having the last laugh....after all i got some value.....not bad..

My bro's admission is still in the tenderhooks.donno when the justice is gonna give an judgement towards the uncertainity prevailing over Professional college admissions in Tamil nadu??

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