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Monday, November 28, 2005


I think i was too lazy all these days to update my blog and moreover irritated with my ability or incompetency of pushing myself hard. I had initially dreamt of getting a job in top 3 FMCG majors in india , but having realized that the companies dont goto campuses which are 2 years old , i felt as if my efforts were pointless and started concentrated more on college fests and papers as i felt this would be my last graduation and this would be the last instance wherein i can participate in contests. but now i realize i think i am losing my originality and humour (felt i had some..) by not blogging i am going to come back to more ardent blogging in the days to come.

one achievement finally ---- got selected for a case contest 2nd round in IIMC and waiting for the final results. happy that at least i crossed the first hurdle..

reg placements - as on date feel that the majority of companies coming here are IT , so chances are more of getting back to IT rather than a different field which would pay as much as IT. I strongly hope my perception turns out to be wrong.

achievements in college - won best manager in ICFAI,MOP and Hindusthan.won marketing events in ICFAI and MOP. came within top 30 teams in the country in IIMA mousetrap online event . so a decent list though would have been happy if any of my case analysis had been selected..

coming to humour....

we have one mallu guy who uses the customary "o" for enunciating anything starting with a.
he spelt audit as oodit..

we asked him how he will enunciate points for guessing...;)

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Lattitude 13'05

This is the name of our college 's first B-school fest...

logon to below site for more details

lemme know your views on the design..was done by a soora enthu chinthan..3 cheers to him..

will be doing some viral marketing for this event on this keep watching this space..


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