Marriage Blues

This is a light humored post on what marriage can do to you. this was a real life conversation narrated to me by my friend...

Me : machi, eppadi daa irukke...

Married Guy (MG) : sooperaa keeren.. velai semma busyaa irukku

Me: dei intha vaaram sathyam la padam pogalaama, semma local padam machi..

MG : dei, kashtam daa wife thaniya iruppa..kadi aagiduvaa...

Me: ennada un wifekku friens illaiyya, namba padam pogarthe she can also go out with her friends..

MG: machi, intha oor avalukku pudhusu, no new friend and workplace kooda pudhusu..

Me: namba pasanga thaan mukkavaasi married illa.. ella wife'galaiyum friends aagitta prachanai illai illa..

MG: nee Yenna enna loosennu ninaicuttaiyya. ithellam try panniten work out aagala..

Me: why what happened

Here is the conversation which transpired between MG and MG's wife

MG : hey enna veetlaiyya irukka, why dont you go out with RK's wife..

MG W : ayyah, she's not good.. avalodalaam friendaa irukka mudiyathu..

MG : enna eppadi solra you hardly know her, you would have met her for just 20 minutes..athu kulle eppadi..

MG W : appo nee Yenna, enna loosunnu solraiyya.. you dont believe me but believe abt her character...

MG : #%#$^#$^ ... ( aadavaari maatalukku arthale vera..women's words have different meaning..)


Vinesh said…
I have known similar things to happen if the girl tries to get her husband become friends with her girl friends' husbands, or worse, her male friends! :-)

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We look forward to working with you.


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