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Thursday, December 02, 2004


The cock crowed up and woke up Jayaram.It was really strange.It was the month
of "marghazhi" and it had been raining cats and dogs for the past few weeks ,yet
the cock had woke him up at 4:30 . Jayaram had expected the cock to extend its
sleep but he was proven wrong.It was just jayaram and the cock who were awake
at that time.braving all odds and the numbing chillness that swept his hut jayaram
set off to start his daily chores.He quickly washed his face,combed his hair and
amidst the dark and serene surroundings saw his silhoutte against the wall.He
was now 18 years old and had developed a charming 16 inch biceps with a chiselled face cut. he had broad shoulders with the proper cuts in his abdomen.The first sprouts of moustache had cropped up and he combed it up with pride every now and then signalling to the world that the new adult - jayaram has arrived.Just as he was about to leave his home he recalled that tomorrow was his sister's wedding and he had got 3 days leave from the newspaper vendor.Jayaram laughed at his absent mindedness.

Nothing much had changed in jayaram's life since 6 years back when he started helping his father.The only difference was he had grown older and had a heavier
workload. Mari had realised that he had done more service to the nation by adding
6 in number to the population and refrained from adding more.To compensate for that, the hours spent outside the arrack shop had increased manifold .Jayaram pondered
whether this was the life he had dreamt of and would he have to bear with this
mundane existence for ever.He had become more like a robot conditioned to do
activities as per schedule.His mother had long since stopped talking to him as she
no longer found him interesting and was considered just as an money spinning
machine.His sisters saw him as a means of getting some money to go to temple
fairs and for some shopping in the roadside pavement shops.His father beat him
and got money for buying liquor.Yet he never complained.He was calm,placid and
insouciant.He never expected anything in return till now.But today was different.He
thought " What is the purpose of my existence?Am i living just for the sake of
living?Dont i have desires ? Am i a mere object?Am i a walking human with no
soul?".This was the first time jayaram had been compelled to think about
materialistic desires.He slowly brushed aside his views as a transient thought and
went out of his hutment to draw water from the nearby pump.

The street lamp shone brightly and in the early wee hours of the morn there was a
lone figure pumping water.Jayaram was happy that at least there was someone
else who was awake at this time of the day.As he drew closer to the person ,he
found out that it was a girl of around 16 years of age.Wearing a blue dhavani with
white tops,she looked angelic.With Dark expressive eyes with kajal lined up in
the eyelashes,aquiline nose,moist and wet lips,tamarind paste smeared on her
forehead in a perfectly rectangular shape,aroma of "Malli flowers" on her hair
pervading the entire place she was the epitome of add more grace to her
charming figure there was this small dark mole just above her lips.She was
breathtaking.Jayaram stood there shamelessly staring at her as if she were a piece of art direct from God's factory of artifacts.She did not notice jayaram and rubbed the few drops of perspiration from her face with her soft drop of her sweat fell on Jayaram's face and he felt electrified.She immediately apologized to jayaram and left the place giggling leaving Jayaram stunned.

(To be continued..)

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