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Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya - Review

Like any Gautham Menon Fan i also went into this movie with lots of expectation as well as trepidation as all my recent escapades into the realm of watching movies in a theater ( read as desi movies) have been nothing short of disaster. Unlike the majority of those who felt the songs of ARR rocked, i honestly could not identify myself with the songs till now and went in purely for the magical moments that i presumed gautham would provide us. From the days of Minnale i have been mesemerized with the romancizer inside Gautham and had tremendous confidence in his capability to bring the subtler nuances of love which strikes a chord with you.

The Movie Started off really well, with Trisha's wedding being picturized and Simbu giving the voiceover a la 3 idiots style, not that i am complaining. Simbu and Trisha are neighbours wherein Simbu aka Karthik is a mechanical engineer trying to become an assistant director ( gautham menon and selva raghavan come into mind) and Trisha essays the…

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