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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dei.. How is married Life??

This is the oft repeated question that all my friends, well wishers, fans( hope one of the callers or chatters was my fan.. i know its highly unlikely) ask me.. well, i got married on March 8th,2009 and its been a month.. so the "pudhu mappilai" hangover lasts and yeah lemme bask in that for a while.. Honestly i guess i dont see much of change considering that there is little change and maybe because its just been a month since i got married.
Few notable changes are
Maybe i guess the change would not be so apparent in US where you have to be independent and routines are also so monotonous that you really dont perceive the change . i believe for my wife it should be drastically different as she is @ home as she cant work till she gets her EAD. sometimes i do feel guilty . Kya karen , marriage involves some sacrifices and she has made some for the time being. hope she gets a job soon !!

:: scribbled by Prashanth at 4/13/2009 10:23:00 PM


May be your life is the same, but me and a few more have felt that you have calmed down a lot. May be the feeling of 'responsibility' has struck you, but yes, there is a change in you! :)
After married your life is changed, too much responsibility comes to your shoulders, you have to fulfill your family.

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