Dei.. How is married Life??

This is the oft repeated question that all my friends, well wishers, fans( hope one of the callers or chatters was my fan.. i know its highly unlikely) ask me.. well, i got married on March 8th,2009 and its been a month.. so the "pudhu mappilai" hangover lasts and yeah lemme bask in that for a while.. Honestly i guess i dont see much of change considering that there is little change and maybe because its just been a month since i got married.
  • I still browse the internet as much as i used to do..
  • Still call my friends and put mokkai
  • TV la padam paakarthu nikkala
  • Gym schedulum affect aagala..
  • office la no phone calls from either side..
Few notable changes are
  • i get my tiffin box from home for lunch everyday instead of the "once a day in a week" routine. so the Guy who used to sell me veggie wrap every day is getting poorer by 5$ every day. So a huge thumbs up to marriage on this front :p
  • Mall la open'aa vella kaara figure'a sight adikka mudiyathu
  • By getting married i have deprived the likes of asin,bhavna,tamanna the previlige of starring in my dreams. Really feel for them.
  • I cant use the ruse of "Brahmana Bhojanam" to go and have food at the place of married friends. senti dialogues like " feel homesick", " unga saapadu mathiri varathu" , " innikku udambu mudiyala..eppadi samaika porennu theriyala" will no longer work...
Maybe i guess the change would not be so apparent in US where you have to be independent and routines are also so monotonous that you really dont perceive the change . i believe for my wife it should be drastically different as she is @ home as she cant work till she gets her EAD. sometimes i do feel guilty . Kya karen , marriage involves some sacrifices and she has made some for the time being. hope she gets a job soon !!


Anonymous said…
May be your life is the same, but me and a few more have felt that you have calmed down a lot. May be the feeling of 'responsibility' has struck you, but yes, there is a change in you! :)
Hot Deals said…
After married your life is changed, too much responsibility comes to your shoulders, you have to fulfill your family.

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