Why Some Men don't get em at all !!!

The oft repeated topic . it seems to be a mystery until you really start thinking. one of my personal favorites.Why some men can never fall in love or never get girl friends. many of us just keep complaining without thinking on what the inherent problem is.
Thankfully i did it as a case study and found out some important issues which might concur with a majority of ppl who are rocking the same boat as mine.

You always sit in the last bench with the other class rogues and other pazhams who feel that its possible to get marks sitting in last row.in case of workplace no girls are there in your project and u have like minded ppl like you as colleagues and wherein your entertainment oscillates between the bars and cinema theaters.

2) You use profanity only in your mother tongue or national language like tamil,malalyalam,hindi. the hep words like fcuk,a$$hole never come up even if you want to use it and u revert to the local dialect.So your perception is relegated to that of a local - low class a la simbu ishtyle...

3) U obviously cant groove and dance and dance around in a group in a disc by just shaking your head or grooving your hip.Desi music directors are your favorites.Deva simply rocks and u cant wait for a gaana or a bangra number to crop up.
Unf you are too adept at dancing dappankuthu or desi dance not the americanised western hip hop dance.

4) U perceive discotheque to be a place where u will have a chance to unleash your dancing potential(dappankuthu) and occupy the center stage with 10 other fellow rogues immediately throwing out the babes from the vicinity of the dance floor. this automatically repels the women from you( they consider u as out of civilization, unf we are the only ppl who can really dance..)

5) Your intelliegence level mostly can take in just jackie chan,arnold and stallone flicks.It can take in just action films whose contents can be absorbed. You just can't take major english romance films. desi romance rocks. we invariably are the DDLJ and hum aapke hai kaun typos. rajni , kamal ,shahrukh,mohanlal,mammotty,chiranjeevi rock. tom cruise is a dud!!! and invariably sucks...(obv..its becoz of jealousy..)

6) You obviously dont know how to make use of yahoo messenger and is used to scold your online friends with the best choice of invectives, spread rumours abt other guyz,and ask them to book the latest movie tickets.
You unfortunately dont know how to flirt using yahoo messenger and are frequently at loss of topics when you want to chat with some girl.whereas u r deluged with strange topics to discuss with your friend with whom you had lost touch for the past decade or so.

7) You cant eat spanish,chinese foods and fav: restaurant invariably happens to be woodlands,saravana bhavan or anandha bhavan types. of coz we cant forget karpagam mess and mami's kadai and murugan idly. we frankly are clueless as to what are bella ciao,wang's kitchen and things like that unless we happen to go an a treat organised by the other guyz...:)

8)You dont see a reason why u have to go tobarristas or qwiky's when the local corner "nair kada chaaya" tastes like nectar and satisfies you more than a barristas. lime tea is the best tea to have been invented by an human and you are thankful to nair for providing it to you.

9)Most of the jokes you know are adult jokes which you can discuss only with your other fellow comrades and which again takes the oppurtunity from telling a joke to the girl and impressing her. besides you seriously tell very good jokes which the blondes can't comprehend or think it is vulgar.you have to tell some absolutely "Kadi jokes"( terrible bores) to make them laugh which though you try hard u will never be able to.

10) you seriously cant start a topic with a member of the oppoisite sex. i have seen guyz chatting with girls purely with emoticons for more than a hour. you can never do that. you will have to crack real dumb jokes to start the conversation or falsely extol them. the most important drawback we have is that we cant talk about what she had for breakfast.You seriously can't talk about that. we refer to those kinda talk in tamil as kadalai.

Boy : what did you have for breakfast??

Girl : i had idli ....

Boy: Is it??? same pinch no back pinch i too had idli ..(he slyly pinches her) and laughs..

Girl : Ouchhh(artificially)...it hurts..

Boy: ohh.. I am sorry and (tries to apologise..)..then say "; i had sambhar for idli.."

girl: (excitedly)..sambharrrrrrrr............ i had chutney....and giggles...

i swear i cant tolerate any longer than this...this is not figment of imagination..i have seen this...though i agree there may be exceptions..

11) U cant sing bryan adams ,sting,george michael's song.. when they talk about linking park you cannot even imagine who they are and the closest link you can associate with them is Panagal park.

12) U seriously are clueless as to what rock music are

13) all thru college life u belong to this boyz gang and even in your gang nobody has a girlfriend so there is absolutely an absence of the inspirational factor.

WITH ALL these attributes its difficult for guyz like us to fall in love or find a girl. but it is not a sin after all. i guess we are not made for it. let us accept that and be proud of that. we are one among the few in the vanishing tribe and amen to it..

we haVE THE uniqueness that we remain single till we get married and having that trait is really a virtue and who knows, we might be the elite clique in the future. so all those of you who feel sad that they dont have Gf's chill !!! we are not made for it and i swear for our characteristics a GF would not have added any value addition and we are better off staying single till 28 or 30.

Purely personal opinion


Bharath said…
Super post mama..
Well studied case study..
Ram.C said…
anubavamaa, prasanth!!!
Karthik said…
Hey dude ,
Gr8 post..
Btw saw ur profile..pleasantly surprised....Me too from CIT and currently at CTS.
Kali kadai..it got me hooked to good ol' times..
Btw..Which batch are u from ?
harry said…
thanks bharath and karthik,
raam nichayam anubavam thaan..:d
its a sad truth...not many realise it till they really analyze..hope tis article is a eye opener ;-)

karthik moi too from CIT..really happy to see a reader from CIT..
i belong to 2003 ECE batch..was there in dramatix and debating club...
sobee said…
dei dei olunga oru ponna pedika theriala pechu mattum ethuku.

summa theory pesama ponna madakura practical valliya paru

Karthik said…
Super Blog da maams....Chance illa....By the way i am Karthik from Wipro....Got ur blog as an email.... :) u r on the way to celibrity status machi... :)
Sudhir Upadhyay said…
gr8 post dude, I think this is abt me
~Nsn said…
Nalla Analysis!!
musafir said…
LOL at the Boy-girl exchange!! I've seen it happen and highly recommend it if you're in the mood for a puke.

Good one!
Vinesh said…
Hilarious stuff..
Exaggerations irundhaalum ;-)
Dynesh said…
Great Post! Loved the bit about Panagal Park and Linkin Park!
Anonymous said…
pirrrrrrrrrrrriiiii maaaaammmmmmuuu .. puttu puttu vechutta
Sriram said…
Absolutely Hilarious man! waitees.. namma baashai-la sonna,,, sooburu machi!
Anonymous said…
The problem, Haripi, is that u guys try too hard, and too desperately...what's the big funda about having a GF or a BF, anyway....u have it, u do; u don't have it, u don't!!

And oh yeah, I totally agree with the lack of inspiration theory..no offence, but if u and Zaandi are still together, Dude, Batman and Robin have serious competition!!!
Anonymous said…
Super mamu .. Great post !!! U forgot the Kings cigarette and Marlboro distinction !!!
Thiru said…
nice analysis and neatly presented out!!!!
And I saw an anonymous comment here and it said,
"what's the big funda about having a GF or a BF, anyway....u have it, u do; u don't have it, u don't!!"
Wow! Wonderful, This is why u can safely say, GIRLS SUCK!!!!
Freeyavedu said…
Chennai Ambi,,,

Namma elorum anniyanla vara ambi mathiri..
Anonymous said…
Minnale pathiya??? Namakkullaiyum oru Maddy olinjukinnu thaan irukkaan... adhai usupida vazhi paaru...
Madhu said…
uh-oh... looks like i'm the first girl to post a comment here... not that i mind! anyways, tat was one cool blog, pretty amusing... and don't worry, buddy... unakum oruthi varuva.. just hang in there...
Sangeeta said…
Hilarious...:P am here from Sriram's
Mothish said…
hey, cool post man. on my views your case study is a good one and if i were to give you marks u scored 75%.

~mothish babu~
Anonymous said…
Maple, that was a kewl one. Got your case study as a forward from one of my colleague in US. Well, if you look at the entire mail thread, man, u r known to atleast most of the software engineers in india. Good one!!!

and , I'm also a CITan , was thinking about the kali kadai, KB, MANIS theatre, and a lot more
harry said…
thanks a lot..can u forward me the thread.. i would love to see it..
mail id is haripi2 @ gmail . com

manis theter aaah..fond memories..
Arjun said…
Good analysis.
But I found a single line answer for your(our) dilema.
Somethings never happen. There is no reason or explanation. I have seen ppl with all the qualities (not conforming to any of your said reasons), but yet dont have a GF.

Sing along "Akhele hai to kya ghum hai" and be happy :)
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dineshkumar said…
nalla time pass achhu...nice...waiting for more posts from u...

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