A different sorta poem

till now we have written poems just extolling people..i thought why not do the reverse..just wrote one which could be used to send it to a person who torments you like anything..
here it goes..

I dread the moment i sleep
coz that is when you torment me,
i dread the moment i am besides you
coz that is when you make me lose my self,
Your Ogling grin could send shivers
down the spine of even the most brave hearted men ,
if you were a slipper i would like to be a shoe ,
so that ,at least that will keep us seperated,
The mere idea of taking you out,
is enough to churn my stomach ,
The price of cotton candy is 5 Rs,
But if you eat half and give then it is worth peanuts,
I daren't go to Horror movies
as your mere presence is enough ,
You always relieve me of my burden
By reducing the weight of my purse ,
God created some intelligent men/women(whichever suits you),
wish I had been one ,before meeting you


Sudhir said…
hey, couldnt help but notice that I have been blogrolled...will return the compliment.

Btw..did we meet at the blogger's meet.
sathish said…
blogrolling u da... v met @ Madras Boat Club on saturday...
was luking fr a write up frm u...
harry said…
thanks satish..blogrolling u too..keep in touch daa..yet awaiting kiruba's doc..
Samudraa said…
"The price of cotton candy is 5 Rs,
But if you eat half and give then it is worth peanuts"

u cant resist this,can u?oh god.....!!here after a long time hari,seem like a lotta changes :)
Anonymous said…
Don't know if there is a Blog Equivalent of the Razzies-but if there is, U win pants down-competition be damned!!
Haripi-there was a reason we called you whatever we did in school-STOP justifying it
harry said…
hey anonym,
if u have the balls to write something, write it with your name, not like some f**king coward called as anonym..besides if u have noticed the poem it is gender insensitive..so stop acting as a big bro... and mind you i have enuf sensitivities, i write some for fun and some topics which we guyz discuss..so whats your problem??
sathya said…
"The price of cotton candy is 5 Rs,
But if you eat half and give then it is worth"

recalls the lines from the song
of "kadhalan" film,
prabhudeva and nagma.
harry said…
sathya its a direct spoof of that line..i am not that poetic to pull out verses and i admit i plagiarise from tamil..i am saying this because i dont want ppl to say that this is not yours..copycat andc stuff..

not pointing at you sathya but just making my point..anyways i am happy that ppl can immediately point to the correlation..
Tamizhan said…
Dei you have inspired me!!

The Society for the Death of Poetry (and Sanity) said…
Worse for Verse
I dread the moment you log in
coz that is when you 'harry' the cyber-geek,
i dread the moment you start blogging
coz that is when you lose your self,
Your overdose of gibberish could send shivers
down the spine of even the most ball-ed men ,
if you were a slipper i would like to be a shoe ,
cos if i had to run away, could be faster than you...
The price of cotton candy is 5 Rs,
But the eye candy on your homepage- priceless,
I stopped watching Horror movies
'cos they are just a click away at haripi2.blogspot.com ,
You always relieve me of a burden if any,
By letting me know with conviction that man could be stupider,
God created some intelligent men/women/gay/bi-s (whichever suits you),
wish you had been one, before starting this blogspot!
harry said…
u say its a stupid poem and yet to try to fit in your words using the same one..isn't it ironical??i guess u r the first guy in this world to have taken your time out to vilify me..anyways i am not bothered..i know the poem sucks..but who carez..its my blog and i can write whatever i want to..u dont like it..thats okay with me..i dont write for others i write what i want to write..and i dont take orders..u carve your destiny and not others..i am not saying this because u r trying to pull me down, but it seems so immature and lemme tell u i am least bothered..if u tht u got me irritated i am sorry i am not and i dont care a shit what others have to say abt my style of writing..self introspect and think whether it serves any purpose??if u think u can put an end to whatever i write,i am sorry i cant..this is my blog and not yours..so i am the deciding authority..if there were a debate and u write such stuff then its okay but for such trivial issues, dude height of joblessness i guess..
The Society for Death of Poetry and Sanity said…
1.You invited comments-I am sorry the Society is not one of those fawning types.We call a blade a blade.
2.Are u trying to convince us or your highly confused self that it is your blog?
3.Try a pinch of salt with comments, next time on.
harry said…
i am taking it with a pinch of salt, i am being objective..
it is of course my blog and nobody can lay claims to it..and i would suggest u first go and check what a blog is..and when u r fawning on somebody i wud appreciate if u reveal your identity ..that takes a lot of character to do that..u call a spade a spade that is okay but identify yourself.. not with a anonymous tag.. that hurts teh credibility of your statement..and if u were from the society u cud have very well told the flaws rather than trying to come up with your own versikon of a poem vilyfying me..i dont care a damn abt what you write but to really get across the point u want to make i wud suggest you first identify yourself and make a honest statement..dude i swear i am one of the most objective guyz..and if your comments are honest then we can spark in a debate else..i am not willing to waste my time

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