My first poem

i have seen lotta bloggers write poems..i have written a few but never published it..coz they were and will be bad..
who carez.. this is my blog i write whatever shit i want!!

disclaimer - this poem does not relate anywhere to my current status...i agree this might be in total deviation from my earlier post,but still i like this one of mine..

if u have the habit of avoiding shitty writing,i strongly advise you against going further than this line. read it at your own risk

The air of life knocked my doors,
When asked what its name was,replied back as love
Where were you yesterday,ohh air of life..

I lost my self as soon as i saw you
On regaining consciousness,things have changed
what have you done ohh silent assassin

All along i was searching the reason for my existence
till i saw you and realized why!!
In-numerous women have walked across my life
None have disturbed me as much as you have.
Why were u so late,ohh delayed VIP?

I found the better part of my life when i looked at your eyes,
realizing that you are fire i am daring to touch you
Please return back my stolen heart to me,
will you come back or disappear??
will you be mine or dissolve for eternity??
Why dont you reply,you heart stealer


santosh said…
Good work, Prashanth. I think you should remove the warning " if you have the habit of avoiding shitty writing...." as it stands null and void...
keep it up...
Somu said…
I couldn't help but notice that the first stanza is a translation of

"Kaatrey en vaasal vanthaai,
Medhuvaaga kadhavu thirandhai,
Kaatrey un perai ketaal kaadhal yendraai.

Netru nee yengu irunthai,
kaatrey nee solvaai yendren,
swaasathil irrunthathaaga solli sendrai"


A very good start for a first poem. Keep them coming.
harry said…
you are bang on target somu...
it is of coz the translation..i thought it twas one of the most poetic words ..what do you say...tamil poetry is beyond takes u to the highest levels of feelings..doesn't it??
harry said…
guyz thanks for the compliments but some have been literal translations from tamil not that original..
Somu said…
True... In fact after reading your poem, I sat down and listened to the song. Simply superb !

I liked the fact that you drew inspiration in the beginning, and took the poem through it's own course subsequently.
sathya said…
i read after ur strong warning..
but wer is the poem?
harry said…
thats why i warned you..its a poem by my standards..for others i bet they wont even a bit of poetry in it..anyways thanks for sparing your time and reading it..

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