Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya - Review

Like any Gautham Menon Fan i also went into this movie with lots of expectation as well as trepidation as all my recent escapades into the realm of watching movies in a theater ( read as desi movies) have been nothing short of disaster. Unlike the majority of those who felt the songs of ARR rocked, i honestly could not identify myself with the songs till now and went in purely for the magical moments that i presumed gautham would provide us. From the days of Minnale i have been mesemerized with the romancizer inside Gautham and had tremendous confidence in his capability to bring the subtler nuances of love which strikes a chord with you.

The Movie Started off really well, with Trisha's wedding being picturized and Simbu giving the voiceover a la 3 idiots style, not that i am complaining. Simbu and Trisha are neighbours wherein Simbu aka Karthik is a mechanical engineer trying to become an assistant director ( gautham menon and selva raghavan come into mind) and Trisha essays the role of Jessie ,a chennai based malayali , who works as a programmer analyst in Polaris ( in my 2 years of programmer analyst life , i have never seen such a programmer analyst, no wonder it happens only in movies) who always wears sari's. Boy ! she looks drop dead gorgeous in those sarees and credit should go to the costume designer for showing us a different side of Trisha. After Mounam pesiyadhey and ayudha ezhuthu , this could be defined as the movie where Trisha looks stunning. Sexiness in South Indian ishtyle. Reminds me of Jothika in kaaka kaaka. Its Love at first sight and proposal at third meeting from Simbu's side . Then some funny and awkward moments and hero heroine dance around as is the norm and then the movie stops and its the interval. we expect fireworks or suspense beyond this, but let me warn ya folks that all good things stop here.

The movie has a very thin story line where gautam wants to essay his thought by conveying that men are from mars and women are from venus i.e men are simple , uncomplicated and straight forward while women are confused, prefer convoluted talks and would want to think about 100 different things when it comes to love. yeah, yeah, we have heard it a 'hazaaar times'. what is the difference in treatment? unfortunately None...

so if you are a die hard gautham fan please read no further as it is going to be a dissection into the negatives of the movie and there are spoilers too...

Firstly Gautham talks about chemistry between the lead pair, honestly i could not find such moments in this movie. The first meeting between simbu and trisha is fine but barring that there are no standout scenes helping us to appreciate why they fall in love. Simbu and Trisha fall in love over a night in the train with a songover , reminds me of how sarath kumar became rich in surya vamsam over one song. I really felt that gautham missed a point here. You need a build up to the romance, but there was hardly any. Simbu keeps telling in the movie to Trisha that we had a fantastic chemistry !! Dude , take a hike !! chemistry is not about touching the feet , trying to kiss a girl or doing something over a songover. Chemistry involves dialogue and that was sorely missed between the lead pair. There were no standout dialogues like in kaaka kaaka or minnale or alaipayuthey . The three words in KK " Truly, madly and deeply " was so concise and powerful but sadly none here. gautham rehashes the same one with mad and deep added into a form of english which simbu's diction could accomodate. honestly, Simbu you need to hone your english speaking skills, the dialogues did not suit as the dialogue delivery in english was pretty bad !

Trisha leaves simbu for no reason and that really leaves a lot to be desired. I know that is realistic but the movie is just 2 hours, so the director cannot assume that people will accept the idiosyncrasies of the heroine. We are not that intelligent enough, Gautham. Now , gautham i have two questions to ask you

a) why do you involve the same dialogue in all movies " I wnat to make love to you " . man ! once it is fine, but 4 times .. kaaka kaaka, pachai kili, vaaranam aayiram, and now VTV.

b) and whats the obsession with using the F word so frequently . when simbu spouts the F word its so F****g irritating. he just does not get it. its like a newbie trying to spew words of exasperation like
"shit !" but ends up sounding like shirt.

In Minnale, we had the friends wedding scene, the scene where reema plays with the kids in rain, and vivek plays the best cupid celluloid had ever seen and he had brilliantly woven strings of humor and romance perfectly. In kaaka kaaka , the way the emotionless anbu selvan falls in love is portrayed brilliantly, while in alipayuthey the smart talk between the lead pair during the wedding as well as the scene where maddy meets shalini and she sheepisly asks karthik , " enna karthi, nee panakkara veetu payyana, classla last aa...." and ridicules him with a smile and maddy in his quintessential shameless manner laughs and takes the ridicule as if it was not directed at him at all.. Priceless !! . so if you think of such scenes in VTV you would be dissapointed.

I honestly feel leaving apart 2-3 songs the songs in VTV are not great. gautham-ARR is not as rocking as gautham-Harris and i hope gautham goes back to harris. i am hearing rave reviews about this music, but i just cannot relate to it. The songs are also misplaced and do not serve any purpose apart from prolonging the inevitable.

I could go on and on... but lemme stop here


  • Awesome Cinematography
  • Trisha in saree
  • Simbu's photographer friend - awesome dialogue delivery --- biggest positive
  • Few good songs
  • Nice Climax
  • No simbu punch dialogues
  • Nice Locales


  • Bad script. There is no script beyond interval
  • very bad BGM
  • No strong Build up to the romance
  • No strong reason for Break up
  • Improper song Interludes
  • dance and Songs not syncronized. too heavy usage of Hip hop
  • Simbu speaking in English

To sum it up, if you are a frequent cinema goer, this movie is for you, better than the usual vijay , ajith stuff and tone down your expectations.

If you are the one who thinks twice before spending 500 bucks on a movie, then spare yourself the trouble !

Verdict: Half baked Musical extravaganza


Anonymous said…
Your a faggot, that does not know how to appreciate good work or good music.
harry said…
ayyo, why getting personal... i have said i am not able to relate to the music and there are at least a dozen of them who also have the same opinion. have we become too enamored with the oscar and grammy that we are hailing VTV as one of his best efforts? i dont buy that... have loved all of rahman's albums in tamil barring star.

The movie does not work beyond the interval. the pachai kili muthucharam syndrome.... being a gautham fan i guess i have the right to spew out the negatives when it is so blatantly exposed.
vani said…
hi there.....good review about the movie....hell!! i was thinkin that there is nobody who hates this movie for the same flaws you mentioned except me,, iam impressed...good goin.. cheers :)
whatsupdoc? said…
well for starters movie sucks!
but dude, u need to redefine your taste in music! and we don't hail ARR just coz of the oscars (which btw he got for totally undeserving songs...i mean, has the oscar panel even listened to Roja??). VTV songs are brilliant...period
harry said…
The music honestly has not got me humming..and i am not alone.. 3 songs at max.. hosanna , aaromale to a certain extent and kannai kattum ..

i swear by ARRs music but VTV was defly not among his better ones. i reserve the worst music for STAR and UDAYA. but music of anbe aaruyire was far better than VTV which had higher expectations... check my post on slumdog where i have said the same point abt ARRs music wherein jai ho was pretty ordinary in comparison to other masterpieces.
Gnanasambandham said…
Hi Harry

Even i expect the same. The movie somewhat didnt make much impact, even the music is bit not so energitic or not easy to sing (with the mix of rahman music, background singers everthing, its bit difficult)..not feeling like a solo songs sometime.

But I would definelty say if you came across such situations in your life as in movie then you will realise the importance of type of songs and situations. Music Director want to meet the expectation of the director, he make sure songs are mild (soft) not Wild(Rock) to suit to the flow of the movie...its a soft movie..for those who feel it will heal or make good impact on their mind.
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