INA' vil oru Vellaikaaran!!

This INA is not subaash chandra bose's but an abbreviation of our own Vaigai puyal Vadivel's latest disaster called Indralogathil Naa Alagappan (INA). ( I can hear swear words flying across the room... niruthungappa.... antha padam paathi kadila naane nonthu porukken)

INA released in Hartford,USA in a small run down theater called as Parkade. You can consider Parkade Cinemas to be Hartford's answer to Chennai Kapali Theater or Kamadhenu. I should say even thyagaraja is better than that. Seri matterukku varen.. We reached the theater @ around 9:50 for the !0 o clock when we saw two foreigners trying to get into the theatre screening INA. The Dabbawaala( INA potti vaanginavan- hartford distributorrrrrrrrrrr ) stopped him and said " dude, this is a theater screening indian movie. you guyz have arrived here on mistake.i thinbk you should check with the theatre folks to find out which hall is screening your movie "

Ippo thaan antha dabbawaala'kku seriyaana Bun...

The Englishkaaran replied in style " Thambi, engalukku athu ellam theriyum... enna engala paathu nakkal panriyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... "

The reaction by Dabbawaala ------ PRICELESS

We all broke out into guffaws of laughter... sadly that was the only humorous part and inside the theater we had to stretch ourselves beyond our endurable levels of tolerance to sit through and watch a farce called as INA. pathetic.... even Sam anderson provided more laughs than Vadivel.....

Next Post on Sam anderson ---- the next superstar of Tam Cinema


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