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Monday, October 24, 2005

Is my blog dying???

dont know..suddenly the fervour for writing blogs is missing..3 months b4 placements start and already confused as hell as to what to do..sent 3-4 googled papers for contests and got rejects but nevertheless still trying out the the melee of these things blogs have taken a back seat. can anyone suggest anything to revive my interest. absolutely at loss of topics to write...does it signal the end??

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ghajjini - a visual delight

Suttum vizhi - this is the tenth consecutive time i am playing this song before proceeding on to write this blog. reason?? Asinnnnnnnnn......why else??????...any doubts on that???

Asin asin asin to the power of infinity...i want to write her name for infinite times but due to timeconstraints restricting to mathematical notation....

boy !!! she is drop dead gorgeous in this film..... i knew this girl had oodles of talent but ladles of beauty is a perfect mix and i would say the concoction of beauty and acting in this film is perfect.

As scudie says ASIn a definite A+ . being a asin psycho i would love to give (A +)^infinity..again mathematical constraints..:(

Now coming to Surya.. He has matured as an actor and with this movie surya joins the elite three namely vikrm and vijay. Superstar slot no one can the maharaja is still superstar..the 3 princes are surya,vikram and vijay. others are miles behind. Surya as sanjay ramasamy is slick,suave and sooper cool. he looks so dapper in the coat suit. Girls must be drooling over his looks. i should say after a very very long time has a tamil hero looked so good. I think the craze for a male actor's looks in a tamil film was last seen in kadhal desam for abbas. Surya goes one step forward in this film with looks , the ironed hair style is "Semma hot Machi" . I might try it out as soon as i get a job. heard that it costs around 400 for a week.lets see..;-)

dancing skills are good and i mean really good especially the oru maalai song. i strongly disagree with scudie on this count.

regarding acting the most important part..aah full marks to both the actors. considering that acting has taken a backseat while i write a review i think a round of applause is due for the hair designers and make up men. hats off guyz !!! brilliant job!!

Asin is too good in comedy..esp the scene where she says " naan sanjay ramasamyyaa love pannala paa.."" cute... can see the movie once more for that scene alone.. Surya underplays in the first half as sanjay and second half is rebellious.

nayantara - misplaced entity - zero value..ROI - zero

comedy interludes between asin and surya are too good.

the director deserves a pat on his back for apt indianisation of the memento plot.

harris this is the fourth hit for him in this year...seems like harris is a lucky mascot for films as all his films are a hit this year...

Asin - Simran has been re-born and her new name is ASIN

verdict - must watch for all those who love asin and for those who don't too...

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

gaurav Vs IIPM..We are with u gaurav

the hottest topic in blogosphere. this post is dedicated to gaurav and signifying my support to gaurav. i still don't understand why the mainstream media is silent. i agree that they are a major ad-spender, but does that mean that u can cover up the bitter truth. i always have high regards for the Hindu and indian express . i dont know why they are trying to cover behind the screens. Does this mean that we have to send mails like the bangalore episode to attract attention and make the truth come out.

I salute gaurav for his stance of offering to resign. The entire list of events are listed at Kaps blog. i am really happy at the amount of support for gaurav . if democracy still exists in our country , then gaurav you will win. with the outpouring of support for gaurav i believe IIPM has grossly underestimated the power of indian bloggers. media its upto you guyz to stand up and support us or get lost out on veritability accounts. People may stop believing you and turn to us for news. better support the truth else i believe you are digging your grave. Its a matter of time before this news really explodes on the international scene. it takes just one post to tell the truth to the world and i believe the movement for freedom of speech for bloggers have started. maybe this heralds the dawn of the rising unity of bloggers in india and The Rising


all blog readers as a sign of your continuing support to gaurav kindly write at least one post for him.

Gaurav we are with uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu........

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Short shirts..appidinaa???

ethukku daa..short shirts podraanga... i asked my friend

he replied " they like to follow KISS (keep it short and simple) philosophy"

adeenga!!! ithenna koothaa irukka... no correlation between logic and philosophy.

i have always found short shirts uncomfortable and suiting guyz who have a well built body..

w.r.t girls, i dont know why they wear it?? they wear it and when they sit in chair , constantly have their hand at the back tugging at the shirt and trying to make the length reach till the chair's seat which is virtually that leaves them holding on to the shirt for the entire duration..

do you need to endure such agony..
a shirt's purpose is to cover your top and not to keep you occupied by tugging at it...

can anyone explain the logic behind these short shirts??

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