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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


This is my first foray into writing stories.i dont know how it turns out.anyways i will be happy that i tried something and laugh at it after 20 years.

On a hot sunday afternoon,Amidst the vast diaspora of huts in "Ayothi Kuppam" ,a 10 year old was busy playing in the ground.on closer introspection,he was practicing writing ABCD while the rest of the kids were busy indulging themselves in the popular games of Goli,Pambaram and hand cricket.Jayaram's eyes sparkled with innocence as well as radiating the inquisitiveness to learn.As he was about to write the fifth alphabet in the sand,he received a big thud on his back.before the tears could emerge out of his swollen eyes jayaram received a slap on his left cheek.With tears welling out of his eyes,jayaram looked up and saw his pot bellied father hurling insinuations at him.Jayaram smiled and immediately took the 50 rupee note from his father and rushed to the nearby arrack shop.The day's routine had started for jayaram.

Being the eldest son of mariappan means no easy business.mariappan always being too eager to offer his services to mother India in the form of humun workforce had six children including jayaram.But alas ! jayaram was the only son and the expected bread winner.Mari indulged in ironing clothes in the day time and in drinking and indulging in the poor man's entertainment with his wife for company(u dont need a thesaurus to guess what it is??).Jayaram had to discontinue studies at the age of 11 to help his father and shouldering some responsibilities.

Jayaram's day started at 4:30 in the morning when he had to goto the paper mart collect newspapers and drop it off at the nearby houses.then at 6:30 he helped the priest of the nearby muneeshwarar temple in the temple's daily chores and on sucessful completion of those tasks hurried to rainbow colony where the remaining part of the day was spent.mari's dhobi cart was situated opp: plymouth mari sat down collecting the clothes from the residents of the colony jayaram started ironing and pressing the clothes from the huge bundle before him.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Yet another Lost Oppurtunity

This exam might go down in my autobiography (if i happen to write one) as one exam for which i dedicated my mind,body and soul completely to be given the failure tag in the end.yes! it has been a dissapointing end to CAT 2004.Not because theer were 2 marks and 1/2 marks becoz my attempts overall were far too less to fetch me any calls as such.made 61 attempts worth 65 marks.far too less which could be my doom this CAT.Yet to check my scores but i feel i will def: miss the bus this year.Not sure whether MDI,NITIE or SPJ will at least send me a call letter.

let me first crib.i want to really cry but i cant.okies the CAT thing is done at least till march 2005.i dont plan to even speak about looking forward to other exams JMET,XLRI,FMS.sent my SPJ form,but i hardly wrote anything worthwhile in it.was least interested to write it in the first place.

Career has been left in the lurk thanks to CAT prep.Now to shift gears and concentrate on that more prep stuff or pep talk in office.its just gotta be more learning of techno stuff.internal certification exams are coming up.hope i capitalise on em.

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