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Thursday, January 06, 2005

I am Back

After a big hiatus i am back to my normal ways. somehow this CAT made me a psycho and robbed me of my personality.wondering why i wrote it in the first place.anyways getting back to work and that too in mainframes.sounds interesting. people tell me mainframes are drab but know what i feel that is going to be the most happening technology to work on just becoz i am gonna work on it. bye bye to pessimism.

I guess i have changed a lot since last week when i was busy rueing the lost oppurtunity this year w.r.t CAT.but now i feel i had given far too much importance to that bloody one day affair that it was threatening to disrupt my mebbe things have started to crystallize properly and i must admit i have become more mature after this exam.Suddenly a fresh lease of life seems to have crept and i am going to capitualte on that.There seems to be a faint light at teh end of the tunnel and i am going for it. will be writing all this MBA competitive exams till i am 27 or bored just for the sake that i love solving problems and the CAT gives me a high.will be updating the story soon..
till then ciao..

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