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Monday, May 30, 2005

First Month @ Great Lakes

Hiya peepz,

here comes haripi express - part 2 with all details about the first month life @ Great lakes.Its been a hectic ride so far with my average hours of sleep reducing from 10/day to 6 /day with signs forboding that it is going to get much worser. . we have 8 sujects this term including chinese with 2 subjects already been completed . we have also finished the final exam of FinAc last saturday.

The subjects we have this term are FinAc,macroeconomics,statistics,marketing,strategy ,chinese,Business communication and corporate finance. So far 6 subjects have been taught by 4 foreign profs and two by reputed indian faculty.The quality of faculty has been so good that i can say that these are the best teachers i have gt after my 12th wherein i had a gem of a maths teacher.All foreign profs are PhD's in their respective fields. so that shud give u an idea of the knowledge level they poses and the best part has been that they have come down to our level to teach and ensure that whatever they impart has been completely absorbed by the students.

so far the toughest subject seems to be macroecon becoz it involves a great deal of studying as well as analytical skills.But the prof has done such a great job in making sure that our basics are proper w.r.t classical and keynesian economics.The last class wherein we had a case analysis of the indian economy post liberalisation was spellbinding. we had done close to 10 assignments in macroecon alone . The prof is a gold medallist in ecnomics and frequently writes for businesline.

FinAc we had a prof from FIU teaching us , Strategy by a prof from Texas alington,Buss comm by a prof from IIT,Chicago and marketing also by a faculty from IIT,chicago.i am mentioning the profs becoz i feel last year not many knew about the quality of faculty who had taught our seniors. this year its getting even beter eith a wide diaspora of international faculty.

The classes are held with a clear focus on equal class participation.we are divided into groups and we do some projects in groups which brings out the cameraderie between us.

The unique USP of Great lakes has been the focus of learning chinese . we have been getting a person of great repute who knows close to 10 languages teaching us. class is great fun as all of us shout chinese and its queer when we hear strange sounds. regarding chinese i would like to give u guyz a brief intro. chinese language is based on how it is enunciated.phonetics play a very important role.for eg: li can be spelt in four different tones which carry different meanings.the tones are high low,base and a curvy tone. curvy means like wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

we also learnt how to call numbers till 1 crore.

for eg : 111111 is called as yi shr yi wan yi chyan yi bai yi shr yi . how does it sound?? the emphasis shud def be on the enunciation.

we had two done 2 mock presentations one on submitting a business proposal to the mayor of chennai abt a new start up business and the oher on was videotaped and we got an idea as to what our weaknesseses were when it comes to presentation skills.

we also had 3 guest lectures one on brand positioning,one on winning vision and other abt murugappa group by their director vellayan.

thats all reg great lakes.more abt Great lakes in the next express.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

rajni Thalaivaa-- thou are the Emperor of Tamil cinema

Source :

Chandramukhi is turning out to be bigger than Padayappa or Baasha, in terms of box-office collections! All existing box-office records are being swept away by the Chandramukhi tsunami wave at turnstiles. It has become the favourite summer outing among families all over Tamil Nadu and there is a repeat audience for the film.

This clearly indicates the final verdict that Chandramukhi is a blockbuster of gargantuan propositions. In Chennai city (in 21 days) the film has collected a distributors share of Rs 1.27 Crore and is all set to break the Padayappa record of Rs 1.45 Crore! According to a trade analyst, the film may garner Rs 2.25 to Rs 2.50 Crore from Chennai city alone in the long run, making it the highest collecting film in history!

In Kovai territory, comprising Erode, Tirupur, Coimbatore, Nilgiris and Pollachi on 24 prints, Chandramukhi collected Rs 2.36 Crore in 21 days and may become the first ever film to cross the magic Rs 3 Crore figure from this area in the long run. In Tamil Nadu’s biggest territory the NSC area (North Arcot, South Arcot and Chengalpettu) the film is likely to get a distributors share of Rs 8 Crore! And down south in TK area (Tirunelveli- Kanyakumari) the collections are likely to be Rs 1.50 Crore twice of what Padayappa did!

If one were to go by these figures, then Chandramukhi will do business worth Rs 22.5 Crore from theatrical rights in Tamil Nadu. The normal practice in film trade to calculate the box-office takings of a mega blockbuster is to multiply the Chennai city distributors share by 2.5 = Tamil Nadu distributors share. And if family and repeat audience continue to support the film till the schools reopen (June 1) and there after if collections don’t drop drastically and average around 50 percent, then Chandramukhi may do theatrical business worth Rs 25 Crore from Tamil Nadu.

In Bangalore, Rajnikanth’s home town Chandramukhi will do Rs 1.50 Crore and from rest of Karnataka another Rs 1.50 Crore making it Rs 3 Crore. From Kerala the film is likely to make a distributors share of Rs 1.50 Crore. In Andhra also the Telugu dubbed version of the film is a super hit and is poised to make around Rs 8 Crore! And in other North Indian belts like Mumbai, Pune, Belguam, Ahmedabad, Ranchi and Delhi it has a potential to collect Rs 50 Lakhs mainly from multiplexes.

Overseas also Chandramukhi is a big hit especially in Malaysia, UAE, US and as per trade buzz, the film will be the first Tamil movie to do business over $ 1 Million (Rs 4.3 Crore). It is expected to do Rs 7 Crore overseas including DVD and local TV rights.

So the bottom line is that Chandramukhi has the potential to do business worth Rs 45 Crore worldwide with almost 60 percent coming from Tamil Nadu theatrical rights alone. It is truly amazing that a Tamil film could do such bumper business worth $ 10 Million!

Rajni thalaivaa – you are the Emperor of Tamil cinema

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

10,000 i go..

Its been a great day. my site counter records 10,000 visitors. the steam has really picked up over the last two months when it had clocked close to 4000 visitors.thats good news i guess which indirectly means that my englipiss is not that bad after all.

classes have started but its been a laid back week as far as last week is concerned. i am starting to feel the butterflies churning in my stomach as i seem to be the only person chilling out.gotta pull over my socks and start studying otherwise the wagon will leave me behind. guyz are workaholics ,thats what i feel. enthusiasm to study is really infectious. any senior MBA grad,have u ever been in this kinda situation??help pleeez..

saw XXX-2 and after seeing kaal i felt XXX-2 was much better. my friends told me its the worst english film currently screened but the theory of relativity helped me cope up with the film and i survived.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kaal Movie review -an Forgettable experience

" Vivek Oberoi kaa kaal achaa thaa ki woh screen ke peeche thaa....
meri kaal itni buri thi ki main screen ke bahaar tha... "

This aptly summarises my predicament while watching KAAL --- BIG time s**king movie..

the movie starts on a very high note with the "kaal Kaal hai " song showing the vivacious curves of mallaika and your body grooves in sync with mallaika during the entire duration of the song. i hardly watched shah rukh.. the screen presence of SRK was not realy felt. malaika stole the show and she is the Modern day rekha--always young..

U start having high expectations.. the director does not dissapoint u initially. he has a sequence wherein the camera traces the path taken by a tiger in attacking its prey.From there the movie draws a flak till the end. YOu expect the story to be like "Ghosts in darkness",but u r in shock the movie goes nowhere like that.. u think it might be A CRIME THRILLER BUT IT STILL IS NOT EVEN A CRIME THRILLER. Then WTF is it?? if i knew it i woukld have told u..

after the initial scene,u see a girl in a skimpy micro mini and a coloured tops showing 70 % of her body running across a a field carrying a cell phone. u are bewildered as to what is happening .the camera immediately moves on to a guy who runs as if he is maurice green incarnate with a bare body. any guesses for who it is?? yeah..u guessed it right it is john abraham...

he looks so flabby as u are left to wonder why he did a salman act in the first to the babe in the skimpy dress u are in full anticipation as to who it is..its all well till the moment the camera shows the face of teh heroine...aaahhhh......... she looks older than my wonderits esha deol..i think her mother would have looked far more younger than her..another loss of airtime ..

Then the scene shifts to the forest where a set of 4 ppl will be talking totally uncorrelated bullshit in a new landrover. i am not giving u guyz a chance to guess who it is..yeah vivek oberoi,lara dutta and two other chaps.

now the vehicle stops in the mid of the forest and they are guided into the forest by an absolutely wierd guide.the guide looks as if he is totally lost and gives wierd smiles and tells some really stupid shlokas.

then some stupid sequences and finally the movie gets over. thank god and teh director has been considerate enuf to leave us with a song in the end. guyz were so pissed off that all of us watched the songs and asked for repeating the initial malaika arora song for 6-7 times for getting our money's worth.

Okies the pluses

only one - the cameraman.he focuses it artistically on the ..well u know what..;-)


No story
No songs
NO steamy scenes
No fight
No coherence

acting was at its pathetic best and vivek oberoi must take a break from acting. he seriously seems to have lost his skills. he is the saurav ganguly of indian cinema--pathetic. But one guy had overtaken him in terms of pathetic acting and the honours goto Ajay devgan. My god!! he was terrible..i dont blame him though it was the director i guess...

Punch dialogues : " Cut the crap "by vivek... btw the crowd was shouting the dialogue all thru the film.
then the best dialogue of the film by ajay " Pani tho nadi ka hotha hai" ..wierdest dialogues u can ever hear

lara dutta did some decent skin show by roaming in micro minis in forests. what a costume god micro minis and a short top in forests.thats height of creativity.

the tigers come once in the movie and they never return back. guyz got so pissed off that in the end we were hoping the tiger comes and does something to esha or lara. nothing like that happened. shit..

in screen esha was saying to john.." krish mujhe bahuth dar lag raha hai,mujhe gar janna hai"
we retorted saying " hume bhi jaana hai ..saale jaldi film ko samapth kar.."

esha tried hard to showcase her potential in well..,but unfortunately no one was interested.

one scene ---unbelieveable creativity .. a hand comes in fronnt of a guy and BG score is damn scary and in a sort of anti climax u realise that it is that fellow's hand and he brings it in such a way to wipe teh sweat of his face.. such dumb creativity..yuck..

so how were we able to sustain it??

we were 6 of us and fully loaded with comments hence we enjoyed it..otherwise...

we calculated the ROI for the film..

investment - 75 rs thank god i did not get the 90 rs ticket

10 rs - first song
10 rs - last song
5 rs - first scene
5 rs - lara dutta
2 rs - esha deol
5 rs - tigers
1+1+1 rs - owl + snake + monkey

so net till now comes to 40 rs

- 25 rs for horrible acting of ajay devagan
-10 for vivek esp the scene where he confronts john
-5 for the squeals which lara and esha give out..
- 10 for other characters

so net worth is - 10 that is the producer will have to pay u 10 rs for watching the film...

verdict ---- Must avoid ...age sex nationality no bar..

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Melvin where have u been all these days??

i bet u ppl have no clue abt who melvin is.. well i was randomly surfing and i found out a site of melvin dorai.he is an indian american writer and i must say i have been impressed with his humour.

one of a really witty and humorous article abt Why we like anna kounikova...

must read..

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Monday, May 02, 2005

First week @ GLIM

guyz i guess i am going to post after a huge hiatus in PG that too a very long kindly adjust.well , college for us started on April 21st and we did not have much events except for giving the college our orginal certificates and other not much of intro or general exchanges happened on the first day.

April 22nd we had our formal induction at tidel park auditorium which was graced by Uncle bala(well, we are supposed to call him like that and we love to call it that way.. ),DR. s krishnamoorthy(former chairman of SAIL,maruthi blah blah..),MALLIKA SRINIVASAN( DIRECTOR,TAFE) and miss mangalam srinivasan. it saw the launch of a new initiative by GLIM called as SWIM(successful women in mangement) where MRS mallika is expected to head it from front. we had a series of advices and lectures on the same day and uncle bala i must say immediately got into the act and i must confess that he is brilliant in conveying his point and keeping up the crowd in rapt attention. he has got an amazing sense of humour and conveying management fundas using the simplest of terms.

April 23rd and 24th

we had a series of lectures by some eminent personalities in the business arena,the most prominent of them being the CEO of ma foi consulting Mr. Pandiarajan. There were other lectures on Systems thinking,Personal mastery,Marketing basics and HR basics. these lectures were there to make us aquainted as to what is B-school education. Some were really good and others were really heavy . anyways it helped us in knowing what was in store for us once the courses started.

April 25th and 26th

The best part of the learning so far. We had an Fun oriented Outdoor learning (FOOL ) programme conducted at MGM beach resorts for all the batch.

The main objectives of the program were the following:

To ensure that all the students are well acquainted with each other, they lose their inhibitions and the concept of classmates as family members is internalized by all participants.
To unleash the latent talents in people, by giving them a platform to perform.
To introduce key management concepts like, teamwork, leadership and time-management in an innovative & practical way. Also to make sure people have fun during the program.

The program was extremely well designed and perfectly executed. Everybody had a tremendous amount of fun and learning. Everybody was richer through this experience because they made new friends and realized some very key insights about important concepts like, friendship, teamwork, leadership and most importantly we realized we are limited by our perceived limitations but in reality we can achieve more than

We think if we try.

Listed below are some of the best activities undertaken by us.

Trekking: This trek unlike normal treks was based on teamwork. All of us were divided into five teams of 7-8 members each. There were certain constraints applied to each team these were: two people were to pretend that they were blind, other two people were to pretend they were dumb, finally two other people were to pretend they were deaf. This was a unique experience which brought out the trust aspect of a team because it is very difficult to navigate the mountains unless you trust your teammates completely. Moreover many of us thought they could not undertake the trek before they started the trek but they surprised themselves with the ease with which they completed it. This reinforces the concept of stretch; that is we can stretch further than we think we can.

Jam Bottle: the objective of this game was to fish out a Jam bottle from a set of concentric squares. This was to be done maximum number of times in twenty minutes. There were certain constraints imposed such that this had to be done by the means of given tools; these were two ropes, a bunch of rubber bands and two reels of tapes. Further more neither of the tools or a person should touch the periphery or the interior of the outer rope. In the event that this occurred there was a penalty of 100 points. The points for the successful attempt were calculated by the following formula (20- time from the beginning when attempt was made)*100 this game fostered lateral thinking and team work and was a great learning experience

Skit: We were divided into five different teams and each member was asked to pick up a chit from a box, each chit consisted of a character, and the chit-bearer had to assume that character and the team had to enact a play based on the given characters. This was very challenging and required on spot creativity and teamwork. It was fantastic fun and it gave us insight into fundamental concepts in management such as dealing with sudden change as sometimes characters were introduced at the last minute when storyline was set.

Besides the above games there were some other fantastic games, time on the beach, a short capsule on Salsa Dance, Yoga lessons, Karaoke, and dance to English, Tamil and Hindi songs. It was an amazing experience and amazing is an understatement.

Perhaps the most crucial part was getting to know our batch mates well and getting a sneak preview of the amazing diversity and talent in class. This was best demonstrated by the last exercise of the day in which we were asked to complement our batch mates on their qualities; it was a complete riot with people rushing to complement each other.
We had amazing fun. trust me you have to be there to believe it. the salsa and jive dance were brilliant. the professional DJ's on the discotheque made dancing on the dance floor during 24th and 25th really enjoyable.

but as they say there is no such thing as free lunch our two day utopia came to an end and we returned backon 26th night.

April 27th
This was the convocation day and we had it in Taj coromandel. The function was presided by Uncle bala as usual who looked majestic in his robe and wearing the distinguished Kelloggs professor medal.The chief guests for the function were Jamshed Godrej(CEO,godrej companies) and Dennis connors(CEO,3com). All the seniors wearing the customary coat and graduating hat looked Splendid. there was an air of royalty in their attire as well as the way in which uncle bala and the guests occupied the dias. the background score was simply brilliant and was defly an symbol of class . after the awarding of degrees and other awards the way the students threw upo their hats in mid air was a treat to watch . i just couldn't believe that in a year's time i too would be doing the same. after that as usual we had a sumptuous lunch. Yeah, the food was brilliant.

NOw since i have given details about various activities lemme give data abt college. well the college is just one year old and comprises of a single building in saidapet. the entire building is wi fi enabled and has a decent library with an extensive e-library and journo collection. the computer lab is pretty fast and thats why i am typing all the above points from here. the canteen is pretty decent.

now regarding ppl.

The class has 130 ppl with 113 experienced ppl and 17 freshers. can u believe it,well i coudn't when i initially joined but its the truth.

102 guyz and 28 gurlz a pretty low female populace ..i do agree but with lesser fresher intake that is bound to happen.

the average work ex (inclusive of freshers) is 3.8 years next only to that of ISB in india. so the class composition ias brilliant for a 1 year old school and i expect it to get even better in the coming years. we have at least 50-60 % of ppl from other parts of India(leaving out tamil nadu) whioch makes for a multi varied diverse background.

50 % engineers and 50 % non engineers.

star profiles of the class

well, a few of them whom i can recall now..

one guy with 5 years of work ex in NASA
3 CA chaps
4 sailors with 4-5 years of work ex
one guy with 20 years of work ex holding posn of CEO in an danish company
three 7 year work ex guyz from US
one project manager from a major indian IT company
one IIT chap with 17 years of work ex who had been asia pac head of some operations in a major company.
there are still many but at this point this is it...

right now doing an assignment abt an analysis of national income for the last 15 years.

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