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Monday, May 31, 2004

hmmm....should say its been a terrible week.the only consolation being attending a distant cousin's marriage yesterday.saturday could be termed one of the worst days in recent past.My Brother was relieved of his purse by an expert pickpocket(relieved it within a few minutes as he boarded the bus).To add more agony to that i went in and rammed my bike directly into an ambassador car at 40 kmph.Fault was not mine as the car had applied sudden brake and before i realised that my head light was smashed.Thank god there wasnt anyone on to my right else.... . Had CL classes on both saturday and sunday,Grammar classes.Woudn't say they were great.all i can say is i was yawning a great deal much to the chagrin of the staff who was taking.But she got back her revenge by insulting me in public asking why i was yawning,whether i was okay?Shit!! there were 32 pair of eyes who were also in the same exalted condition as mine and as soon as she uttered my name these guyz started to stare at me as if i was an alien.So much for sleeping in class.ain't a person have enough freedom to yawn at least??i thought we were the world's largest democracy.drat!One of the most embarassing moments in recent months.

Sunday went on fine.Gopi's class was great.Good tactics and techniques taught in RC.had a good debate on women's reservation and the points we discussed about the pro's and cons of women's reservation.

Why we can't have 33 % women reservation...
1)because India is mostly divided on caste basis and men will be able to bring into them the caste factor much better than their women counterparts.
2)Generally not many women enter politics and in case they do enter it is because some person from their family is into it.hence it will again lead to dynastic politics.
3)33 % is too high and even the developed economies have it in the tune of arnd 20 % .
4)In case we have this reservation system then the guy who is in power in the constituency which is going to be reserved for women next term will not work as no matter what he does the next term he cannot compete there are practical problems too..

Why we should have Reservation.
1) only 8% of MPs are women considering the fact that we have a population of 50 billion women.Very poor representation.
2)better representation of their needs and wants by increasing the ratio.
3)without reservation it will be hard for women to overcome their male political opponents in a society which still boasts of male domination.

My stance at present is neutral.

Then in evening went to cousin's marriage.Since my cousin also belongs to the IT fraternity the marriage was well attended and bore a very young and hep look.All were charmingly dressed and well mannered,i began to doubt whether it was yet another formal company get together.The food was great.Apart from that what really mattered to me was the visual delight which i obtained by indulging myself to the extremities of ornithology.
Awesome!! to put it in A single word.that too some in sarees were spellbinding.wonder why none of them were in my company.Wanted to go and introduce myself and start a conversation but societal constraints forbid me to do so.Unf: the marriage was attended by my mom,all relatives ,grandma .... . What could i do other than occasional ogling.Even as i was doing so ,my brat of a cousin who's a good 5-6 years younger than me started teasing me and was uttering all nonsesnse about me to his father on what all i was doing.i felt really embarrased.Luckily,My auncle being the perfect gentleman sensing my lack of oppurtunities at office and college gave me a smile and a nod of approval.With this i sign off for the day.

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Yippee!!! the weekend is drawing to a close.Hope i get into work at least the next week!! No work and Full Play makes Hari a Dull Boy!! and that is now extremely apparent in my slow paced CAT prep.20 more problems left in ratio proportion in CL material and yet to kick off TIME material and IMS material's problems.Oh! God please give me that sincerity to make it into the most elitist MBA Insti!!Went through sidin's blog .Realised what it takes to be among the best!!As my friend raghav pointed out "I have miles to go before i sleep".As i read in Suze's blog what really mattered is your USP(For the uninitiated USP = Unique selling Point).What was Mine??

If this question had been asked in college i would have proudly said that i have got the gift of the gab and can convince people with ease,But now the question remains as an effective means to keep me quiet!!

My Conscience asks me "Why the sudden transformation"??The answer is simple i was filled with self conceit during college and now i have come to grips with reality.what ever i had thought about myself was not true.In fact i had been living in a virtual world like the matrix where my opinions and beliefs were purely based on my individual perception.In short i was not controlled by conscience rather it was conceit that controlled me and made me believe that i was the best.Someone has rightly pointed out that the worst enemy a person can have is himself.With the wrong belief i had ruined one of my chances in CAT! Alas!Dawn has arised over me and i believe i have emerged stronger after my first CAT fiasco.The wrong impression i had was i was really good in verbal while in reality i wasn't.I knew the barron's word lists by heart and used to read at least a novel a month.when it came to the d-day i solved verbal for 55 mins attempted 35 questions and got a percentile of 88. So much for Over Confidence.

As the days are nearing for CAT I would need more than hard work to bell it right.Yeah definitely a proper mix of hard-work,smart-work,Luck and holding my nerves on the D-Day should be fine.alas!If only things go as we wished,the world would be a much better place.
Some may argue that CAT is all about attitude and aptitude and performing under pressure and hard work is not neccesary.But those are very rare cases and not everyone is like rajesh (IIMK). As Lijopoints out CAT is 100 % hard work and performing your best under pressure.We definitely need to emulate big match players like dravid,sachin,Steve waugh and Bevan who bring out their best only during times of adversity.For lesser mortals like me hard work only is going to pay fruits.But i believe i am going to perform without expecting anything.I know the above task is near to IMPOSSIBLE but IMPOSSIBLE can also be rephrased as I M POSSIBLE.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Another great day to begin with..
Went to guhan's,Suze and lijo's blog.Highly impressed with the content,Language and Mellifluous flow in suze's writing.Flawless.A definite Blog to read if you haven't...

Took the Political Compass test and the below Pic depicts my Standing.

I seem to be sandwiched between leftist and rightist ideals with a bit of libertian values. A very strange condition!!

After Taking up the test i was slowly drawn to the present crisis in Iraq.(Dont ask me why!! i seriously donno :-) )
I began to ask the following questions...Whom to blame and whom not to ?? Who is a true leader ? Why the common man is made the sacrificial lamb for the imperialistic ideals of some narcissistic Individuals??

There's never been a better time to analyze the psychology of leadership:The answers are definitely relative and based on individual opinions and perceptions.It's a fact that crisis is the crucible of leadership, and the greater the crisis the greater the potential for a truly great leader.But such leaders are hard to come by !! But the irony now is great leaders are persons who themselves create a crisis and wriggle out of the quagmire after intense struggle.What more better example can i give than the present US President George W Bush.

If the definition of a leader is someone who has followers, who has a vision and who inspires passion, he's the man, or at least, he's their man. In that case Bush does have his band of blind followers who follow him like the rats to the tune of piep piper.Is the present crisis Bush's fault or America's fault.Bush cannot be faulted completely as decision making definitely involves a larger bevy.The ulterior(seems a misnomer) motive seems to be oil and innocent iraqi lives(plus few innocent foreign soldiers whowent their at the behest oftheir respective government orders) are being sacrificed to achieve that.isn't this event itself a gross testimony to the violation of human rights.I dont see any difference between hitler,saddam,osama o bush.each of them had blind ideals and were bent upon achieving that at any cost!!

Hitler did not want his countrymen(excluding the jews) to be exploited and he launched his offensive in the form of extermination of Jews!!

Osama believes that to protect Islam and other fellow muslims he must launch an offensive on america and its allies

What does bush believe???He said to save Iraq from the clutches of saddam America Intervened !! But the million dollar question is to save Iraq from america who will intervene??? Only TIME will tell...

Disclaimer: the above views were just a personal opinion.Comments are welcome

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Yet another day on bench.As we have the sun TV giving ads saying this is MGR varam and other stuff i would say in my case it is "BENCH MASAM" .So much for being shifted to a new project.The ambience is great.Been Given a seperate comp (that itself is difficult these days) and on top of it no work and full net access.Did somebody say LIFE SUCKS!!! gosh!! you would have to retract back on your statement.I would say that i am currently in BLISS.

Went to lijo's,Dijo's and vijay's treat to luiz waldorf and well,the guyz cheated us.The food did not turn ut to be that great.Sorry lijo,In case u r reading this,i have to make a honest statement.(swear,no fault of yours..)So with 3 of my good friends leaving comp to join FMS ,NITIE and XL ,life is gonna be a bit boring esp: with dij: not around.

After the treat went home and saw Matrix revolutions. .Good visual effects.But too much of gizmos and machinesguns firing made it look more like that of Star wars genre.The dialogues hmm..what all should i say ..the sensory neurotic perceptions of the imbecile mind... and what not.... those were too much...

Just wanted to start a a write up above love but unfortunately words are hard to come by.My Definition for love could be surmised best by the photo to the Right

Just reminded of one thing ........... two guys for a girl,
One tearfully ruminating, and the other carefully tracking .........
Despite all this, the girl is looking for better options .....

This is the way life is ......................

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Just now landed in Office.So far its been an pretty normal day.Got up by 7 ,did ratio and proportion for an hour before catching up with todays events on the paper.Since Sports have always been my primary interest -the news of the day belonged to Nasser hussain.Though England of late has always lost the ashes series ,In this series against newzealand Nasser hussain rose like a phoenix out of the ashes and resurrected his team with a brilliant century.My salutations to the heroic old warhorse!!.OOps!!Have to start on with Testing before my PL catches me...
lemme briefly explain abt the PG meet that was held on 23rd

23rd May: PG meet 4-It was a well attended meet in spite of rain which tried to spoil the paerty.The meet saw 3 new members attending it-karthick and krishna of CTS and Pradeep and rajesh.Besides them the usuals comprising of yours truly,guhan Venkat,balaji,Nikhil,girish and Prabhu graced the occasion.The meetstarted off with the newbies giving their intro followed by a cup of cold coffee in planet yumm.Pradeep seems to be a very enthusiastic person and had lot of doubts Reg: prep material and strategies which the CEO's In Making clarified without any hesitation.After that we were absorbed in a intellectual debate on the fallacies of the present day weightage for academic credentials.What followed was an extremely intense battle of words with one arguing that we have to work around the system rather than adopting a lackadaisical approach towards the system and blaming it.It seemed quite logical and realistic and that ended the conversation.No marks for guessing who won the debate.It was obviously Nikhil.This guy has seriously got the gift of the i wish i too had at least a small percentage of his rhetoric skills . The newbies in the meantime were absorbed in a conversation with BJ and Guhan who were giving them pep talk.

A great poster which i received yesterday.
so can say this to be the

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Monday, May 17, 2004

its been really a drab day at office .No meaningful work and for the sake of working i have

to do some web based black box testing.Really getting on my nerves.Hope this trauma ends

soon.the weekend was okay and ende up watchnig a tamil film called "adithadi".Not a great

film to rave about.anyway the film made up good time pass.Planned to go to "hellboy" film

yesterday and on reaching the theater realised that every TDH in chennai was jobless and

everyone had made a beeline to sathyam .So returned home with lot of dissapointment.Then

switched on the TV to see the trailer of "hellBoy" and after seeing it i thanked God that we

didn't get tickets.All slimy creatures Yuck!! I still dont understand to which genre of

audience the director was targeting at? Hey.I am not from Mars to see such creatures on

screen and propitiate them as Heroes.Gimme a break!! I am not insane enough to Gulp all

Bullshit they put on the silver screen.Had office on saturday ,courtesy leave on monday due to elections.Tried to develop my personal web site and managed to add a online quiz.The designing did not churn out to be great as i was yet to get Photoshop installed on my comp.

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

This is my second post and that too after a very long hiatus.My cat preparations are yet to kick off .Only time will tell how i fare in this year's exam.Yesterday my brothers +2 results were out and it was really a big let down.In spite of decent preparations he had faltered at the last stage.This made me realise that to achieve success one has to put in hardwork nonpareil .Of course in today's competitive world one has to have his share of luck too to succeed but i affirm to the maxim that luck smiles only at those who exert themselves above their threshold.The lok Sabha elections have seen a big turnaround and fortunes have swayed from the BJP camp to the congress.Maybe the anti-incumbency wave hit the BJP really hard.In spite of the India shining campaigns and Feel good factor the Congress seems to be Shining at the expense of BJP and ironically now the Congress feels Good.Yet to be assigned any Productive work at office, the end result being this post.Signing off before my PL catches me.Bye and lotsaluv----


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