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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Yikes!!! I turn 23

23 years before this fated day one of god's blessed creations took form in this planet . From then on the world has never looked back and it has been non stop development both on technological as well as social grounds. some say that the rise of india's prowess in the 21st century can be majorly attributed to the birth of this great gentleman. being a very modest guy,facing repeated pleas for revealing the identity of this great person i am sorry that i am forced to reveal the truth to the entire world.

The Name of the gentleman is Hariprashanth who is currently a student of Great Lakes. He can be reached thru this blog.:lol:
Please dont get jealous. Next Birth one of you will defly be destined to be reborn as HariPrashanth.

anyways leaving the above trivialities aside , yup i am 23 as on date.My parents got me an pair of shirt and trousers from rex.I helped myself to 3 tees from roovy.Roovy seriously rocks in terms of providing trendy dresses at a cost which doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.Uma got me a coolers,but she still owes me another one. she said she will get me a ray-ban. Hope i dont get deluged by film offers when some producers see me on the streets with my ray-ban. i like vijay,simbu and the other stars and to say it in tamil "Avanga Pozhappula Mann alli poda virumbalaa..."."Pozhachu pogattum chinna pasangaa.."

i know whatever i have said above is crap but who carez ,not everyday is your b'day and today i am entitled to write whatever i want.

Going to see Anniyan today and pretty excited about it. Well my roomies gave me B'day bumps yesterday night and we tried to scare our other roomie bibin at the night by wrapping white lungis over our head, pricked him in the head with a stick and when he looked out there were 3 hooded guyz outside the grill with nokia phonelight showing their gleaming teeth and knives. Boy Bibin was almost scared to death.this happened around 3:30 Am. gotta do my FinMan assignment. i am supposed to do analysis abt reebok.Bibin help me yaar.

Great Lakes barnding is getting better and better with each and every passing day. CTS,TCS,Infy and HCL are treating us on par with IIMs which is great news and Uncle bala has communicated the positive feedback which he has been getting about Great Lakes from the indian top corporate honchos.Praise the lord for giving me the intelligence to choose Great lakes.

Amma also made a statement saying that "get a decent job,we want to see you get married by 26".Going by Great lakes branding and progress all i have to do is to do my MBA with ardour and passion and rest will follow suit.Who knows i might be hot property 3 years down the line. Advance Bookings,well not now....after i join my job i will let u know of the bookings or shall we call it as IPO??:lol

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Miss...

I miss playing cricket in my flat...
i miss playing with latha akka's kids who have grown up now and relocated to a new flat...
I miss eating the masala vadai at the basement tgea shop in CTS..
I miss CIT Kali kadai's egg bonda...
I miss the girl on whom i had my last crush..
I miss the days when we used to brew maanja and fly kites in my flat..
I miss superb cartoons like swat cats,johny quest on cartoon network..donno whether they still are on air..
I miss the tea kadai Pongal in CTS and the 10 member gang...

Time really flies and it tells me i am getting older...i want to do so many things but i am not able to..suddenly life seems mechanical..i am chasing something to ensure my tomorrow will be better and the process will continue till i die..

Is Time travel possible....??

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mera Apple aa gaya..

finally it has baby namely my apple Lappie had arrived this tuesday.its an apple iBook looks it beats all the other existing windows OS based Lappies.Wonder how guyz can go in for Laptops with windows OS. Dell Latitude - what a dull attitude..j.k(i expect brickbats!!!;-)..some of my friends have gone in for dell way of getting a swipe at them.. )

This is Yours truly Pointing to his latest prize catch..
Image hosted by

Chandru and swami proudly displaying their babies...
Image hosted by

Full Web space for my baby..
Image hosted by

The Emperors Lined Up
Image hosted by

The features are absolutely amazing with Tiger OS which truly rocks..

Apple - Windows OS Users Envy Our Pride ;)

Features abt Apple in next post..

i am right now slogging it out for my MacroEco exam on satday...Hope i dont get a "C"!!

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Speed Dating

This is the latest and hottest new concept to hit the indian market. witha growing middle class and increase in wants as well as growing acceptance of western culture this is definitely a goldmine. i foresee a tremendous potential in this concept. As far as my knowledge is concerned this is prevalent in just Mumbai i guess.

So what is speed dating??

Here is roughly how a speed dating event works, though the intricacies could vary from event to event.

i. Men and women, usually working professionals, in the age group of 24 to 34 are brought together for an evening of face-to-face interactions.

The number could alternate between 20 and 30 couples.

ii. At the venue, you will find a series of tables lined up. Each table has a couple of chairs.

Hence, the number of women must match the number of men. Else, as they say, three is a crowd.

You will be given a sheet of paper to make notes. The idea is to help you keep track of anyone you take a fancy to. Now take a seat with your first 'date' for the evening.

iii. A gong goes off. Your time begins.

This is your cue to interact with your partner.

You have between three and five minutes to ask your partner anything and vice versa.

Interests, backgrounds, salaries, quirks -- take your pick. Don't forget to note down your partner's name on your sheet before you begin.

You could also make notes based on what you feel about your current partner.

Key words -- like 'bad breath', 'bombshell', 'arrogant', 'well-travelled' and 'scuba diver' -- do well to help you juggle your memory at the end of the session.

v. When your time is up, the gong goes off again.

Now, place a tick or a cross on your sheet next to your date's name.

The former signifies you would like to meet the person again. The latter, of course, means you are not interested.

Exercise discretion while doing this, so you don't hurt any feelings.

Don't linger at your date's table forever. As the emcee quips, "It is not a wedding bell, so get on with it!"

vi. Time to chat up your next date.

The men play musical chairs, while the ladies sit pretty and await the next man.

Remember the face-off between the belligerent Will Smith and the feisty Eva Mendes in the Hollywood film, Hitch? The venue is a speed dating event, furiously in progress.

vii. By the end of the session, you meet 20 to 30 singles in a span of 60 to 110 minutes!

The next day, you will receive a mail notifying you of perfect matches, along with the respective e-mail ids.

These are people who placed a tick mark on their sheets. You would have done the same for them, of course.

Now, it is up to you and your suitor/s to take the liaison forward and steer it in the right direction

Courtesy :

Why not a concept like this in chennai?? its going to be a huge market and you are going to get the conservative south indian into the picture. this concept will definitely sell. u get to meet so may people with diverse backgrounds and interests, who knows u might find out your better half..;).

Let me chalk out the cost plan for this event.
in bombay it costs around 1500 per person including a drink.
in chennai u can start off it at 750-850 per person with a drink or dinner whichever is feasible and capitalize on the initial market mover advantage. all you would be requiring is a place to conduct the events and of coz a catering service. A 2000-2500 square foot room should suffice. area cud be the ECR belt .
initial promos would be like giving free passes to girls and then making it a equal pay for both the sexes.Girls u oughtta consider yourselves lucky,whenever it comes to freebies it is u ppl who bag it up in the first place.any entrepeneur listening??hello??

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Changed Template!!

Hi peepz,
i thought vindy's site rocked in terms of site layout..and i have copied it to the T...of coz vindy sent me his layout..this seems to be more professional and user friendly to the eyes..comments are always welcome as to what else could be done..any enhancements...guyz pour in your views pleez..Regards,

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