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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Thought for the day

why does it always have to be me??
i enevitably seem to get the most controversial doubts..?
but i swear its not my fault...
was listening to a song from the film "Unnai ninaithu"

the lyricist pops up a question

"Shahjahan has built a taj mahal to profess his love for a lady
what has any women done for a man??"

why has it been like it because it has always been a male dominated society??
is it because women were not given their freedom to express their feelings??

what cud be the reason??

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

A different sorta poem

till now we have written poems just extolling people..i thought why not do the reverse..just wrote one which could be used to send it to a person who torments you like anything..
here it goes..

I dread the moment i sleep
coz that is when you torment me,
i dread the moment i am besides you
coz that is when you make me lose my self,
Your Ogling grin could send shivers
down the spine of even the most brave hearted men ,
if you were a slipper i would like to be a shoe ,
so that ,at least that will keep us seperated,
The mere idea of taking you out,
is enough to churn my stomach ,
The price of cotton candy is 5 Rs,
But if you eat half and give then it is worth peanuts,
I daren't go to Horror movies
as your mere presence is enough ,
You always relieve me of my burden
By reducing the weight of my purse ,
God created some intelligent men/women(whichever suits you),
wish I had been one ,before meeting you

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Great Lakes - Updates

Updates from Vijay

Extended absence attributed to assignments and bad health.

It has been a while since I wrote something about our college. Term II has been lighter in terms of classes and hectic in terms of assignments and non class learnings. This term we had Financial Management , OB, Market Research, MicroEconomics, and Chinese. The term is almost over and time flies really fast.
We had a good presentation on our Market Research project. The concept was about the a value added service in a coffee pub. We learnt a lot about the perceptions of people during the course of this project.

All our seniors have been placed and we expect the same when we sit for placements in about 7 to 8 months from now. Our curriculum needs us to specialise in two disciplines. One major and one minor. I intend to major in Finance and have marketing as my minor. Crisil is offering three courses in the specialisation phase.

And yesterday we had a presentation by Deloittee on 'Careers in Deloittee'.

And our beloved Uncle Bala is here and he will be handling ManAc for us. He addressed the batch yesterday. People are destined to be motivated when they hear him. We also have a couple of Guest leactures in pipe line. And want to know who the speakers are ??

Mr Vivek Paul and Dr Jagdish Seth (remember Power of 3 ??). We had a Guest lecture by Dr YV Reddy (yes, Governor of RBI) last week and Deepak Jain (Kellogg School of Mngt) will address us next month.

So, lots happening at Great Lakes and we are confident that we will rise and shine in the corporate world.

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Rahman the Master - I salute thy!!!

I am listening to rahman's latest offering - Anbe aaruyire,....spell binding... the best album of the year..definitely even beats my personal thalaivar's album chandramukhi by a mile...

Speechless after listening to it.. rahman fires on all cylinders after a huge hiatus...

flavour of the season - anbe aaruyire and Maestro illayaraja's Thiruvasagam....

if u still haven't got these albums..hurry else you are wasting a great part of your life in denying this supreme offering..

Mayilirage from Aa AAhh..... rocks rocks.... whata melody...
to the ppl who sang this i am willing to kiss their feet... definite buy ..aah aahhhh....

review on all songs in next post..

got exams and assignment to till then no reviews..i need time to review rahman's latest masterpiece,.....

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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Best compliment in recent times

This was a compliment sent by my friend..i would say i felt i was on seventh heaven after reading it. after few weeks of pessimism and hating the way i was behaving , this SMS infused a fresh lease of hope and siome signs of optimism.

" here go the contents "
Hey i happened to get a forward ..few days bak..abt why guyz dont have gfs..and today got a link ... and then 4m marketing thing abt GLIm..i figured its u..kewl da..urs is one of the best forwards i recently read..and i have already started bragging that i know this guy...******(identity not revealed)

thanks a ton to the people who have forwarded it..
u got to be in my shoes to experience the feeling i am words..

heights of exaltation...

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

My first poem

i have seen lotta bloggers write poems..i have written a few but never published it..coz they were and will be bad..
who carez.. this is my blog i write whatever shit i want!!

disclaimer - this poem does not relate anywhere to my current status...i agree this might be in total deviation from my earlier post,but still i like this one of mine..

if u have the habit of avoiding shitty writing,i strongly advise you against going further than this line. read it at your own risk

The air of life knocked my doors,
When asked what its name was,replied back as love
Where were you yesterday,ohh air of life..

I lost my self as soon as i saw you
On regaining consciousness,things have changed
what have you done ohh silent assassin

All along i was searching the reason for my existence
till i saw you and realized why!!
In-numerous women have walked across my life
None have disturbed me as much as you have.
Why were u so late,ohh delayed VIP?

I found the better part of my life when i looked at your eyes,
realizing that you are fire i am daring to touch you
Please return back my stolen heart to me,
will you come back or disappear??
will you be mine or dissolve for eternity??
Why dont you reply,you heart stealer

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Thank you all

I would like to thank all of you people who took some time off their valuable and busy schedule to complete the online questionnaire. it was a thankless job and i am really amazed by the magnanimity of all you peepz who filled it up. i know that the survey was vague, but we got in the desired results out of it. i bet the research wouldn't have been possible without help from you peepz..

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu once again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

what the f**k is wrong with blogger

i remove the below post and still it comes up in my blog.. what the hell is happening??anybody any idea??

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Yipee !!! been featured in Blog Mela

Thanks Nilu for featuring me in BLOG MELA
. next post will be on a incident which brought me to ground level and taught me humility.


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Friday, July 08, 2005

Guyz please help me !!!!

I have an market research assignment to be completed.. i request all my readers to take 3-4 minutes of their time in completing the below survey... God Bless you ppl... i don't know how i could still be existing without help from wonderful people like you. Mebbe its because of you ppl that kali yug hasn't still started... still reading this... please do me a favor by clicking the below link and complete the survey.

Thanks in advance

Please Click on the link below to take the survey.

Click here

again a million and zillion thanks...


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Friday, July 01, 2005

Why Some Men don't get em at all !!!

The oft repeated topic . it seems to be a mystery until you really start thinking. one of my personal favorites.Why some men can never fall in love or never get girl friends. many of us just keep complaining without thinking on what the inherent problem is.
Thankfully i did it as a case study and found out some important issues which might concur with a majority of ppl who are rocking the same boat as mine.

You always sit in the last bench with the other class rogues and other pazhams who feel that its possible to get marks sitting in last case of workplace no girls are there in your project and u have like minded ppl like you as colleagues and wherein your entertainment oscillates between the bars and cinema theaters.

2) You use profanity only in your mother tongue or national language like tamil,malalyalam,hindi. the hep words like fcuk,a$$hole never come up even if you want to use it and u revert to the local dialect.So your perception is relegated to that of a local - low class a la simbu ishtyle...

3) U obviously cant groove and dance and dance around in a group in a disc by just shaking your head or grooving your hip.Desi music directors are your favorites.Deva simply rocks and u cant wait for a gaana or a bangra number to crop up.
Unf you are too adept at dancing dappankuthu or desi dance not the americanised western hip hop dance.

4) U perceive discotheque to be a place where u will have a chance to unleash your dancing potential(dappankuthu) and occupy the center stage with 10 other fellow rogues immediately throwing out the babes from the vicinity of the dance floor. this automatically repels the women from you( they consider u as out of civilization, unf we are the only ppl who can really dance..)

5) Your intelliegence level mostly can take in just jackie chan,arnold and stallone flicks.It can take in just action films whose contents can be absorbed. You just can't take major english romance films. desi romance rocks. we invariably are the DDLJ and hum aapke hai kaun typos. rajni , kamal ,shahrukh,mohanlal,mammotty,chiranjeevi rock. tom cruise is a dud!!! and invariably sucks...(obv..its becoz of jealousy..)

6) You obviously dont know how to make use of yahoo messenger and is used to scold your online friends with the best choice of invectives, spread rumours abt other guyz,and ask them to book the latest movie tickets.
You unfortunately dont know how to flirt using yahoo messenger and are frequently at loss of topics when you want to chat with some girl.whereas u r deluged with strange topics to discuss with your friend with whom you had lost touch for the past decade or so.

7) You cant eat spanish,chinese foods and fav: restaurant invariably happens to be woodlands,saravana bhavan or anandha bhavan types. of coz we cant forget karpagam mess and mami's kadai and murugan idly. we frankly are clueless as to what are bella ciao,wang's kitchen and things like that unless we happen to go an a treat organised by the other guyz...:)

8)You dont see a reason why u have to go tobarristas or qwiky's when the local corner "nair kada chaaya" tastes like nectar and satisfies you more than a barristas. lime tea is the best tea to have been invented by an human and you are thankful to nair for providing it to you.

9)Most of the jokes you know are adult jokes which you can discuss only with your other fellow comrades and which again takes the oppurtunity from telling a joke to the girl and impressing her. besides you seriously tell very good jokes which the blondes can't comprehend or think it is have to tell some absolutely "Kadi jokes"( terrible bores) to make them laugh which though you try hard u will never be able to.

10) you seriously cant start a topic with a member of the oppoisite sex. i have seen guyz chatting with girls purely with emoticons for more than a hour. you can never do that. you will have to crack real dumb jokes to start the conversation or falsely extol them. the most important drawback we have is that we cant talk about what she had for breakfast.You seriously can't talk about that. we refer to those kinda talk in tamil as kadalai.

Boy : what did you have for breakfast??

Girl : i had idli ....

Boy: Is it??? same pinch no back pinch i too had idli ..(he slyly pinches her) and laughs..

Girl : Ouchhh(artificially) hurts..

Boy: ohh.. I am sorry and (tries to apologise..)..then say "; i had sambhar for idli.."

girl: (excitedly)..sambharrrrrrrr............ i had chutney....and giggles...

i swear i cant tolerate any longer than this...this is not figment of imagination..i have seen this...though i agree there may be exceptions..

11) U cant sing bryan adams ,sting,george michael's song.. when they talk about linking park you cannot even imagine who they are and the closest link you can associate with them is Panagal park.

12) U seriously are clueless as to what rock music are

13) all thru college life u belong to this boyz gang and even in your gang nobody has a girlfriend so there is absolutely an absence of the inspirational factor.

WITH ALL these attributes its difficult for guyz like us to fall in love or find a girl. but it is not a sin after all. i guess we are not made for it. let us accept that and be proud of that. we are one among the few in the vanishing tribe and amen to it..

we haVE THE uniqueness that we remain single till we get married and having that trait is really a virtue and who knows, we might be the elite clique in the future. so all those of you who feel sad that they dont have Gf's chill !!! we are not made for it and i swear for our characteristics a GF would not have added any value addition and we are better off staying single till 28 or 30.

Purely personal opinion

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