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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Comparisons - an unnecessary evil

I was chatting with a long time friend and she casually remarked that i was getting too much worked on what my peers were doing and she said that i would need to take stock of bigger pressures later in life and it is totally unwarranted to have any pressures at this point and all the more for trivial reasons.

generally i would have justified why i am doing like that, but for a change i self -introspected and found that it was really true. I was getting more and more into teh viscious circle and the comparisons never stop. you pass 12th..then they ask why not IITs..then u finish BE then again the questions why not MS..okies then when u get a job in XYZ then the question why not ABC..u work in XYZ for 2 years then why not MBA ...then u do MBA..why MBA from GSBC and not the IIIMs and like minded institutes.. u finish MBA and get job in PQR then why not a job in I-bank or consulting..My god!!! wont it ever stop!!!

even if i have been content the society thrusts it pressures on to me and boy!! the stress has till now been killing me.. Is this really necessary...

some people are born intelligent and some become intelligent down the lane and i belong to the latter category, but society believes there exists only one creed and it is the former.

I think i have been cribbing ever since i passed out from engineering and have never really found what i want. cribbing i feel is a result of insecurity as well as inability to understand what u really want. In the broader sense if i think what i really want i must admit i have done reasonably well both in professional and personal front. if i am not proud of my achievemnets who else will be. i am pretty sure that there will be a thousand people who would like to be in my shoes. The case of grass looking greener on the other side has always led me in pursuit of trvial greener pastures which i am now confident i will never find as whichever pasture i go turns from green to red.The problem is not with pastures but with mindset.

As a starting block i will start to feel good about myself, reduce the cribbings and most importantly will stop the comparisons.the comparisons wouldn't have been there had i been in some other place like noida, blore , hydie etc.. but anyways knowing that i am responsible for my actions and decisions i am gonna enesure that i have all the more reasons to celebrate my existense and achievements rather than rant abt it..

A big damn to another set of comparisons which come..

hey u gotta go to US and earn $%^&$% or work in#@$@#$ in ndia .. then only girls will marry you..

hell!! with it!! I am not an IITian ..i am not an IIMite but i defly am a simple human with decent list of achievements..and i am good at certain things which the elitists from the elite instis are not.. a BIG "O" to my self confidence..(O podu..)

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

LOgic pesina adikkeraanga

similar to the lines of Vk's stories here is another real life depiction..

the two characters in the story are V and P.

V is sleeping head down and body in a upside down manner in one of the class rooms. P being a very sincere friend of V was perturbed and sensed something was wrong. P immediately went near V and similar to the fashion Ram stroked the squirrel in ramayan gently stroked him and woke him up and asked him

P : " Enna daa Maama thoongindrukkaiyaa.."
V: " Dei..arive illaiyaa..thoongravanaa yaaraavuthu ezhuppuvaangalaaaa.."
p: " Dei thoonginaavane thaan daa ezhuppa mudiyum thoongathavane ezhuppa mudiyumaa.."

avalo thaan... V did not talk to P for 2 days and hit P on his already broken leg twice.

what will poor P do?? after all he made a logical statement....such are the vagaries of the world!!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A must visit Blog

the last few months i have rarely read any blogs and is evident in the falling count of visitors in my blog.. today i have started to read through a lotta blogs apart from the usuals like scudie, vetti payyan, madhubala , venky etc. today i happened to chance upon the blog of vikki... boy.. his stories on shreya are a must read..

Vikki maama I am your fan number 1 (in case the position is not taken..) ..

as the title of kanda naal muthal..his stories are as fresh as a cup of cofee..

a Must read!!!

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Idhu dhaan da Dhillu(Getthu..)

Sounds like a telugu movie title..

well, this post is a salute to a person who has the guts to leave a really cushy job and follow his dreams..

way 2 go dude !!!

i swear i dont have as much guts nor the talent to do stuff like you..

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Life sometimes gives u a chance.. and Yeah i get a JOB

after a terrible week i managed to land up a JOB finally.. Yeah!! i did manage to land up a job with my previous employer. I am relieved!!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

20000 Hits

Image hosted by

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