LOgic pesina adikkeraanga

similar to the lines of Vk's stories here is another real life depiction..

the two characters in the story are V and P.

V is sleeping head down and body in a upside down manner in one of the class rooms. P being a very sincere friend of V was perturbed and sensed something was wrong. P immediately went near V and similar to the fashion Ram stroked the squirrel in ramayan gently stroked him and woke him up and asked him

P : " Enna daa Maama thoongindrukkaiyaa.."
V: " Dei..arive illaiyaa..thoongravanaa yaaraavuthu ezhuppuvaangalaaaa.."
p: " Dei thoonginaavane thaan daa ezhuppa mudiyum thoongathavane ezhuppa mudiyumaa.."

avalo thaan... V did not talk to P for 2 days and hit P on his already broken leg twice.

what will poor P do?? after all he made a logical statement....such are the vagaries of the world!!!


Mythreyee said…
hehe.. aana logic pesavum neram kaalam iruku!
VeeKay said…
similar to the fashion Ram stroked the squirrel in ramayan gently stroked him ...


Odha vizhum da ... Anniku vaangina maadhiri adi vaanga pora nee
Whoosh said…
Similar thing @ home!

Dad: Bottle la irundha thanni-ya yenda kottunei??

Me: Bottle la thanni irundhadhunaala thaan kottunei!!

Dad: %#$@W$%@#
Madhu said…
padikum bodhe, V and P yaara irukum nu yosichen.. :D now that I guessed right, it sounds funnier!
harry said…
hey whoosh,

nice one daa... i think i have a similar one to write abt my cousin..next post..

hello mythreyee,
naan seriousaa oru innocent comment thaan adichen..athukkelaam neram kaalam paarka mudiyuma..

dei vetti mavane,
adichadhum illamaa lolla paaaru..adeenga..

and madhu i bet u would have guesses who is who:lol:
VeeKay said…
Adhan Madhu sollita illa guessed who nu, apparam enna I bet you would have guessed nu ...
Madhu said…
haripi ku moola valarchi konjam kammi.. adjust panniko, anna.
harry said…
hey god,
save me from this paasa malar torture..
Madhu said…
Dho da. Apram?

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