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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Dot Net ASP...I am also becoming a techie

The last two days i have been busy browsing through technical jargons and all mumbo jumbo related with dot net.I was surprised that i was able to recall what all i did during my ELT days.maybe my memory isn't that bad afterall!! The Bench Blues are gonna pass away and it seems very likely that i am going to get some work by next week.This time it is going to be some development work.Hope it is mentally challenging and not physically exhausting.(Oxymoron ain't it..??)

The XL issue seems to have died out.all sorts of explanations are coming out and it is hard to believe which one is true.Going by the facts it seems like there had been some sort of misbehaviour but the tone of it is not clear whether it went above the permissible levels.I have to ask Dij: to give me a clarification on this issue.

Met Sunil of PG land today and he seems to be a really nice chap,down to earth and very friendly and ever eager to lend a helping hand.very hard to find people of his nature.A bloke by name salim called me up from kashmir to get some ideas on how to get Mock Cats.Of coz the only medium between me and CAT junta is PG.he was telling me how the situation in kashmir has improved and tourism is flourishing.Poor guy there is no CAT training institute in he has to settle for correspondence.Even though we live in the same country the difference in the availabilities of equal oppurtunities is really huge.I think i must consider myself extremely lucky to be bought up in such a conducive environment.i have taken things for granted that i have never pondered about my surroundings and the advantages i possess.Should strive harder and make full use of my oppurtunities.

Got prem's Bro's marriage tomorrow.It should be an enjoyable occassion.Only sad part will be not many of our classmates will be present as many of them are pursuing higher studies in US.Hopefully next fall i too will be pursuing higher studies at IIMA. Time to realise that i have to make hay while the sun is shining.

Marriages are defintely a platform for exhibiting your ornithology skills and perfect place to market yourself.Just hope that none of the oldies say that "you are next in the Line?"

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Monday, June 28, 2004

What have i done till now??

The past few days i have been wondering what i have been doing for the past 1 month.apart from rambling in my blog i haven't done any useful work to say the least.even my CAT prep hasn't got into full steam.I am doing it at a very relaxed pace.Seems like i might get alloted into development project within the next 15 days and from then people have been telling me that it is going to be really i would have to make a headstart in terms of prepping real hard so that i can adjust to those rigours when the project work kicks off.I am right now reading asp dot net fundas from the net and hope that i understand the concepts.

I have often cribbed about the kinda work i have been doing?but reality is i have been cheating myself all along by consoling myself that i have landed in a drab project.The truth is i had not made any conscious effort to update my skill set and was hell bent on pin pointing the work which i was assigned.If i had been really that technically equipped i could have got the job of my choice whilst the reality was i was very badly equipped in technical expertise and the job which i had done was definitely on par with my technical know-how.Of course i can always state the excuse that had i been allotted a techie project i would have worked efficiently but the truth is when i had been given so much free time i did not do anything related to update my technical Know-How,I have miserably failed in motivating myself . the thirst for knowledge has been almost nil. Who is to blame?? None other than yours Truly...

I have been fortunate to start off my career in an great company which is known for its extremely flexible timings,great peer work group,culture and employee friendliness.I have always looked at the negative points of my company but now i realise that there are far more positives which outweigh the negatives by a huge margin.

My attitude has changed for the better.i am gonna start loving my job more.definitely an MBA from an IIM is my primary aim,but the motive is no longer going to be because i hated my job while the motive is because i believe it will be to the best of my interest and my employer that i am involved in something dealing with marketing and people relations.By changing motive it may seem that i have been fickle -minded.I was fickle minded till last week but now i have become more clear on why i want to do an MBA.The Job satisfaction has relieved me of my pressure that i would have to crack CAT this year.My company has been great and will be great ad i am going to explore oppurtunities wherein i can convert my negatives into positives.Definitely a talk with my PL had its effect and enlightened me on what course of action i would have to take.

Before we start cribbing about our job let us spare a second and think that what we have done so that we deserve a better deal??

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Thursday, June 24, 2004


Can You believe it!! i thought that XLRI is the place for wannabe future managers.But the turn of events that have occured in the recent days have made me to rethink about my opinion.Educated people stooping to such levels was unthinkable ,that too from an institute of XL's caliber.

The event which i am talking about is the treatment meted out to the freshers at XL this year.The freshers were subject to unprecedented levels of ragging by some drunken seniors who under their inebriated condition had the audacity to barge into the ladies hostel.Gross misuse of democracy and the highly profane language and vulgar threats they issued to especially the fairer sex is condemnable.

XLRI is said to be the alma mater of the top notch HR's in India who basically deal with public relations and here we have a set of students drinking and abusing girls.Where does this help you in improving or honing your HR skills??This time the senior guys being abetted by the senior gals.Is this what you call women liberalization? Not generalising but i am appalled by such behaviour coming from girls. I thought at least girls are bit more mature and i am sorry to say you have set a very bad example.

Threatening the girls with "rape" is atrocious.where the hell can u find "rape" in a B-schooler's dictionary.don't know whether the above statement has been said ,but if it is the truth then shame on you ppl.

I expected teh people to give back a fair reply to the allegations and what we received at PG were nothing but a motley of lies that too from an old PGite was just too much.

Leaving off for the day will continue later...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Garuda the mighty lord who is Lord Vishnu's Official carrier Descended down to eath in form of sanjeev garuda to bless me with a Gmail account.Though i haven't really explored it ,the euphoric feeling is immense and a tidal wave of happiness and excitement swept me over as i logged into it the first time.The feeling could be synonymous to the way i felt when i first browsed thru the internet in an Internet Cafe.God bless you sanjeev.that was the best birthday gift i got.

Another million thanks to akshath for starting a thread on PG to wish me on my B'day.That was really so cute and 28 people wished me.thats great.That too everyone wished from the bottom of their hearts.I really felt ecstatic on reading the wishes.thanks a lot Pgites.God only knows what i would do in a world devoid of . An Home for poor lost IT souls like me.

went to the dentist yesterday to have my teeth cleaned and i must admit that the doc had done a remarkable job.she said she will fill my broken teeth with a cap.Wow!! alas! i would be able to show my teeth while taking photos.I can very well get rid of the
artificial facade upon my face while posing for a snap.

TIME tests start this week and non TIME students can't take their mocks too bad.this applies only in chennai.Mr.bala in case you are reading this please do allow us also to take the test.why this discrimination??

I am going to go and finish off with geometry today. No work and off i go...

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Militants...Gujarat,...Modi...Foiled Attempt...

How many Times have we heard this??

The media was slashed with photos of heroic Gujarat police claiming that they had killed militants.First my mind went gaga with this news and i was thinking how effective our police are,when suddenly facts and discrepancies started pouring in from all corners.Now the question which looms largely ober my head is that were thes people really Terrorists??


1) this is the fourth such attempt in 2 years on Modi's Life
2) All the four times the militants have been killed whereas none of the policemen were even remotely injured.
3)All 4 times the same explanation was given that militants fired first at the police.
4) The bullets were shot at the back of the car whereas the militants were shot in the front and died.
5)During all the prev: occasions events of this magnitude took place only when narendra modi was facing a crisis,this time the BJP contemplating on whether to place the guillotine on Modi's head after the lok sabha elections drubbing.
6)The militants were shot at in a place where there was nobody else and hence no witness to really say what has hapened.

In addition to that we have the behind the scenes facts like the girl was living in abject poverty,took tuitions to make both ends meet,very popular in college and all other things.Though this does not add to the credibility the acts of teh gujarat police also does not sound the least convincing.where are we heading to??Here the Protectors of the Law themselves are casting a murky image and doing things which they are supposed to prevent?Are we heading towards anarchy?Is the common man made a sacrifice for the ambitions and interets of the politicians.If the Police themselves are not Policing then who is going to do so?Does this signal the hidden truth that every man has to fight it out for survival(not the charles darwin theory of survival..)?

Hope the new Government takes note of this and orders an impartial and fair probe into this Incident!!

Few Interesting ways to get to my site

1)REC Suratkal Fashion Show pics
3)Trisha krishnan
4)current in cinemas of shakeela
5)Porn Bipasha(Shit....just because i listed her name my site shows yuck..)
6)Indan Movies
7)aayutha ezhuthu austin
8)tnpcee 2004 revaluation
9)Suze orkut

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Monday, June 21, 2004

CF Mock and my B'day

It had been a great weekend.CF gave a treat in form of a free Mock . I managed an AiR of 87 amongst if i am not wrong should be close to 1000 people.Not a performance to rave or rant about.Its still the early days and showed me where i was.The test was an eye opener to me that if i am aiming for the IIMs i have to be not amongs the best but to be the best .The bigggest enemy or competitor i face is none other than myself.I gotta break free from the shackles of under performance and start performing like the big match players or the crisis managers.the waterloo turned out to be verbal wherein imade 39 attempts got 17 wrong which was definitely not desirable.It was a much needed dent on my overconfidence in my VA abilities to make me realise that a lot of efforts and inputs are pending from the verbal point of view.

Had a great birthday today.Swell of wishes and phone -calls from the morning.Got three new shirts and a pant.I triesd resisting it to my parents saying that i was 22 but my parents said that at 22 also i was still their child.So without any further talk got the bounty from Rex fashions.(This is what i call win-win situation).

Pg meet went on well yesterday with 3 newbies arvind,nikhil and arvind's classie gracing the meet.Bessie was as usual filled with the excitement and energy which never ceases.Of coz the babe count has diminished a bit.Blame it on the cineplexes,multiplexes and A/c malls . but it still does remain a personal favorite with respect to me.In the meet ,met bharathi(IIMA) who seemed quite a very lovable and jovial character with no airs . How i wish i could be in her shoes the next year.

One importabnt thing which i learnt is never try to be jovial or easy going with people who at times get cross and put down a face which makes you cut a sorry face.I really hate that.Time for a character upheaval when dealing with such persons.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Yet another time pass film with good character castings and near to perfection character portrayal by the lead protagonists.saif steals the show with his cool attitude while i would say rani's role is kinda subdued role as the film meanders towards the end.the first meet between saif and rani can be said to be the highlight of the film.One word which managed to attract my attention was "Ding-dong".Kohli has given a new dimension to the starting words of the evergreen rhyme.i am not a pervert but that really sounded funny.the reason why i liked the movie could be because i expected it to be a real sore while on the cotrary it turned out to be a really good movie.can give 8 points out of 10 for the film.there is no message in the film but a pucca commercial film and neatly sketched too.what more could i ask for.Money's full worth !!!!

Lot of events have happened in the past which hold the key for my future fortunes. Till last week this years's CAT was just to satisfy my professional aspirations but now it has become inevitable that i have no other choice than to bag a seat in one of the top insti's . Cat holds the keys for my success both on personal and professional grounds.I just hope i can pull it off!! God give me the succour during CAT.

Prem dropped in this monday at my home.he has really put on weight.EEsu also cam and he hasn't even changed a bit.he will be leaving to singapore this wednesday . Hope he graduated from NSU with flying colours.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Puzzling away to glory

No work and what else can i do apart from solving puzzles.Found a great site for Puzzles.Brilliant! Got good applets for solving.Highly interactive.never knew that Technology could be utilised to the max.The weekend went off like the whiff of the wind and before i could realise i am lagging by at least 4 days towards by preparation.Met two of my juniors raman and elankumaran and thus the weekend was spent with nostalgic recollections.The placement scenario has been great this year and in just 3 companies the head count in my college has touched appproximately 200.can u believe it??Besides we were ranked among the top 5 Colleges in tamil Nadu in four Branches By A C Nielson . Kudos to CIT for standing tall.We had algebra class this week and arun sir was Brilliant.

TIME has increased its fees to 4500 for 18 Mocks !! W T F do they think of themselves.Success has clearly gone over their head.I have dropped my plans of taking the test.i will take xerox and do the same.after all PG is there wherin i can gauge my performance.I am not gonna spnd 300 per test.

CL Mocks start by august and they give us 12 mocks which is more than enough.if i want more mebbe i will take CF or some other test which is cheap and also does not compromise on quality.

Govindan has got his TANCET exam result.I hope that u get into your dream institute.Today i got an forward on REC,Suratkal fashion show . what more can i say other than "Indan version of FTV ramp".A visual delight at the early hours of the morn.Quite a refreshing way to start a monday .

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Friday, June 11, 2004

Olympics... Torch Bearers Today ..Bipasha basu, Vivek Oberoi....
Torch bearers Tomorrow....SHAKEELA????

I was utterly disgusted on seeing the telecast of the torchbearers run on Sun network yesterday . Cinema stars being given prominence and preference and Sports personalities relegated to the status of spectators .At least kalmadi did not make them as cheering squads for the filmstars. P T Usha was offered the oppurtunity only at the last moment as somebody else could not come due to bad health.Just a decade back they were hailing her as the best thing to have happened in Indian sports and now...???

First of all how can they even think of filmstars.Okay,they have zeroed on filmstars and cricketers,But why Bipasha Basu?
1)Maybe the greek ambassador is a fan of her
2)A better global image than ppl like geeth sethi or pankaj advanis..
3)A Woman who has single handledly ensured that India is also on the verge of globalisation with fashion and is ready to scale new peaks in terms of fashion &(un)dressing.
4)Got a lot of films under her belt which were absolute depictions of indian culture and could be termed as Films which took Indian Cinemas closer to teh oscars like Jism,raaz.

This appplies to all the film personalities but Bipasha being a personal favorite i decided to generalise by giving Bipash as an example.

The Ugly face of Commercialisation once again holds the drivers seat in alloting previliges to the glamour icons rather thanthe deserving.How is India going to win any medals or anything of the sort in olympics?with the current state of affairs in Sports i would say it is virtually impossible for us to bag more than two medals in any of the future olympics.

The people who could have been the torch bearers..

Milkha singh
pankay advani
joshna chinnapa
Koneru Humpy
Jyothirmayee sikdar

It really grated on my nerves when aishwarya was saying that she got an chance to carry the Olympic torch which had come to India after 40 years.Don't these people realise taht they are the most undeserving people to carry that sacred and prestigious torch .allowing the filmstars to carry it was nothing short of sacrilege.

I have always been impressed with "THE HINDU" coz it was one of teh papers which shied away from commercialism .Even if it were there it was much lesser in magnitude in comparison to the other dailies in Chennai.I saw a photo in Hindu showing Bipasha in all smiles.grrrr.....

Next time if the torch comes to India the first 10 ppl to vie for it would be soft -porn stars(The rate at which bollywood cinema is degrading soft porns would be ruling the roost in say 4-5 years..courtesy the bipasha,mallikas,meghna naidus,isha kopikars.... the list goes on..)

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Alas !! I study something related to software !!!!

Got some software certification exams to take.So its been one helluva of a trip between powerpoint presentations and Browsing websites for info.I must admit,its really tough when it comes to search for specific topics.One site which i got from govar's blog was simply breathtaking .The site was Howstuffworks
Somehow It helped me dust my fundas on antenna and radio theory.

Nikhil,Myself and our battle abt the IIMS

Nikhil has repeatedly asked me why i use the IIMA and not the IIM tag as apart from minor differences there is not much of a diff: between A,B & C . Nikhil ,lemme ask you just one question? In case U had got A & B ,Which one would you take ?The same reason applies here too.Somehow The tag Of IIMA attracts more than the other tags.No offense meant to the other IIMs . It is more of a psychological bias or favoritism and not guided by reason or logic.I would definitely be happy if i manage to break the ice in any of the IIM's .That doesn't mean that i am not working towards my goal.It just means that i am fed up and wanna do an PG next year and any insti from the top 10 would be fine . But,about IIMA...what else can i say apart from the fact that i am in love with it.... .

An excerpt From PG about IIMB ..Courtesy : Kunal

"our batch size is 204 and i guess it will be around that figure for your batch too
u will have 3 sections of around 70 each
PGP office makes sure that each section has an equal mix of iit, engineers,bcom, wk exp, etc.

IIMB has the MAXIMUM extracurrics
i am 100% sure the extracurrics are not the same at other IIMS( from what i came to know after talking to some students during summers)
we have a lot of clubs n stuff which are very active throughout the year
apart from the college fest and vista(business fest), there are management games in various streams, literary contests, social work, company projects not related to curriculum, movie screenings every week, nature club organizing treks,hikes n stuff and lots and lots more which i dont remember now

there is no gals hostel!!!
we have a separate block (A bloc) for gals which is a part of hostel
some gals live there and some in the executive bloc(EB bloc) where they have a floor (but 2nd year gals will be staying there)
its really cool actually, guys can be in gals rooms even at night, for studies of course!
gals being a rare species at iimb enjoy a lot of luxuries though!
the only sad thing about the gals block is that it is right next to L-square where we have all night parties on saturdays

about general facilities:
computer center really rocks!!! and u ppl will spend a lot of time there even if u have comps
library is superb but i visited it only twice in first year.....but the toppers usually hang out there studying for the next test or exam or just for CP(class particiaption)
LAN here is excellent and u can find lotsa soaps and movies on it, then there is spidi- our internal site and bracket which we use for chatting with each other(this is our lifeline)
internet speeds are gr8 except when some bozos are hooked up to P2P pulling down the overall speed
mess is good, but gets boring after some time- everyone here gains weight, even gals!
but the best is the night canteen which runs in the mess from 10:30 to 2:00am where everyone hangs out and gets ammo for a night out
we also have a coffee day for all u coffee freaks
citibank ATM is inside campus and there is a state bank of mysore too
there is a very good underground parking for those who have vehicles
we also have a football field, basketball court, table tennis tables,tennis courts, and a swimming pool under construction
there is a recreation room with a TV
but sometimes we can even relay UEFA cup football matches on the LAN for everyone to watch or watch india vs pakistan cricket on giant size screens using a projector

about kannada: u won't need it coz IIM belongs to central govt so everything is in english or hindi and u'll be going to city only on weekends and that too if u have no assignments or tests the next day
no need for kannada to impress kannadi babes coz once u tell them ure from IIMB THEY will learn to talk to u in hindi/english
about time u guys realized that

u are the
most eligible bachelors in town! "

Having read that evry TDH would love to study in IIMB.Having said all these and adding that in IIMA you cannot booze the majority have no hesitation in choosing A over B.There is no plausible reason for this.Its just that our mind blindly accepts that A rocks and so do other IIMs but with lesser intensity .

I bet Nikhil is gonna blast me for having said all this.

How Pagal Am I ??Coutesy Chandoo

I am 88% Pagal. Test Your Madness.

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Poems - My Own Manifestation

I had written 2 poems in PG two months back and Yesterday as i was reading sindhu's poems i recalled it.So somehow found the poems and the outcome is what you see below.i am no great poet.Wrote just for the sake of writing.

The left most one was written when i thought i was in love and what i would say to that girl of my dreams and the rightmost one was written minutes after writing that when i realised that such a person was non-existant and hence why not take a jibe at her.Written due to absolute frustration >yeah!! you guessed it right.I was pretty jobless at that instant.The above poems do not convey my atitude or my emotions.Wrote just for teh heck of it.

BrickBats or Kisses ? Its the readers's choice..

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Boredom may eat me soon

I am wondering how many days more will i be able to endure this ennui?So i am doing nothing else other than Browsing PG,orkut and aspin. managed to go through the quants teaser thread and look at all the problems.Is this the way a softie's life is?I had some work to do at least the previous 9 months but one month sitting idly in front of the comp just browsing .... gives me a very sick feeling.Of course i am feeling guilty but what to do? its not my fault!! . Maybe 9 months of work and 3 months of bench is the default time schedule for the average software professional in india. At least lemme do justice towards my cat prep.Yesterday i was pretty successful in maintaining my preparation schedule towards CAT and had a very negligible deviation.But after seeing the posts in PG and the answers guyz are posting i realise that i have to be more sincere and more hard work needs to be pumped in towards my prep.I am having a faint feeling that towards november i will be inundated with so much work that i will hardly have time for CAT.God save me from such a predicament in case it is about to happen.

My blog has touched 500 hits
Thanks a lot guyz n gals for making it possible.It is just 2 weeks since i started active blogging and 500 hits is a decent ratio.not any special events for the day.made a few online friends via PG.Joined the pagalguy community at orkut.yet to learn on how to discuss or chat via orkut.Gotta thank anil for inviting me first.

Quizilla rocks!!
Yet One more of quizilla's creations!!

You belong to the world of knowledge-seekers
You belong somewhere out in the world, exploring
and learning and spreading the knowledge that
you find. When you love, that love will join
you in your quest and believe as you do in a
world of spiritual energy that is stronger than
anything humanity could normally even conceive,
although you may be able to. Council those you
encounter, give them your wisdom, and stay true
to yourself.

Where do you belong?(ANIME IMAGES)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Monday, June 07, 2004

Aayitha Ezhuthu...Mani dissapoints me ....

Watched Aayitha ezhuthu at last....wasn't impressed that much.Mani faltered in the end..
The initial tempo could not be sustained toward the fag end of the film and somehow the climax looked too trite.Even as the initial parts of the film were reminiscent of "Alaipayuthey" the climax gave a very mediocre look to an otherwise brilliantly crafted movie.There were many instances wherein you could feel the pulse of mani.Surya steals the show with yet another brilliant portrayal.On par with his performance in "maunam pesiyathey" and "Pithamagan".The initial fight sequence of surya was too realistic.Kudos to the stunt master.Sidharth's is an unwarranted role but for hep songs we need hep people and maybe to fit in the missing parts of commercial part of the film trisha and sidharth were roped in.Nevertheless sidharth has done full justice to his role,Particularly the scenes involving the visa application and the scene on napier bridge with trisha.

I did not want to write but i couldn't restrain.The reason for my dissapointment could be termed due to over expectations from my side.In case if i had gone without any expectations it would have been a great movie .In comparison to the other tamil movies "aayitha ezhuthu " is way too ahead in terms of technical finesse,portrayal of Human emotions and camerawork.The Highlight of the film is that all the principal protagonists stick to their ideals and philosophy and never waver from it.

To sum it up if you were expecting a Mani ratnam film this film falls short by around 20 % and in case u were expecting a good film then this film is a must see.after all it boils down to your individual perspectives.

Sunday was a great day .4 hours of CL class and i did manage to put in 3 hours of effort apart from that towards CAT.So that makes it 7 hours.The carpenter has finished his woodwork an the polishing and painting part alone remain of of date.

Trying to stick to a schedule towards CAT and i have failed miserably.I am lagging by 4 days and on top of it i have to write software certification exams.Would be happy if i could manage a mere pass.Prem has arrived from america and boy! he does talk with amazing clarity these days.What else do you expect out of a Texas,Austin stud?he was talking about the cultural differences between the US of A and India and the kinda lifestyle and blah..blah.. .But he is different.He is the first person among my other friends to admit that he likes Chennai Life more than The Us lifestyle which is more mechanical and mundane.He said he really missed the temples and evening cricket matches at school.I have always been thinking about when i will get a chance to visit the US of A and here Prem's opinion is in stark contrast to mine.

As they say the grass the always greener on the other side.

So much for CAT and IIM's why dont we give the RAT some due Importance..

A La Mission Impossible

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Friday, June 04, 2004

Today i shall definitely see aayutha ezhuthu.i am not going to pour my reviews as a whole lot of it has already been said by suze,nikhil and guhan.i am going to thoroughly ensoi the film.filled with the euphoria that i have got two days to indulge myself thoroughly.
Mood for teh day is aptly described by the below pic.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Procrastination to the max

It has been a terrible lag day or should i say jet lag.100 percent deviation from my schedule.i have been writing about these deviation stuff but unable to rectify.This time its not my fault as the carpenter is taking more than his alloted time to make the new study table in my room.hence my bedroom is in a mess and added to that agony i hear that TIME tests are gonna start by june the hell am i going to finish the fundas before that?yesterday my grandma's operation went on very well and to add a double treat to that my bro: got an increase in 5 marks on revaluation of his maths paper.Basically a great day.Yes! I managed to find one more Bug today.My friends seem surprised that i am working!!,That too effectively!!. continuing again for the 3rd time today.donno what is happening to gave me an error while trying to save the draft.half an hour of effort wasted.Had the birthady bash for may month babies(literally) yesterday and it was real great entertainment with the guyz n gals competing against each other in a game of terrace Bowling and the winners proudly displaying their Plastic cricket bats with such style and panache which could put even the sachins sauravs and dravids to shame.awesome entertainment.The best part was the spirit with which each of them played the birthday games.everyone had the intensity and fervor to win but alas! there have to be victors and losers.I am really very happy to have started my career in such a great company and am slowly getting accustomed to the culture.Got a forward on sun-signs and Implications.I am a Cusp between gemini and cancer. Here goes my character sketch.

Gemini Personality

Funny, brimming with life, full of ideas on one hand; inconsistent, capricious, superficial on the other. These are the twins that represent Gemini, a bundle of maddening contradictions. Be that as it may, they can be simply adorable creatures who love life and add zest and happiness to the world by being what they are. You are the life and soul of any party, amazing all and sundry with your apparent knowledge of everything. Although, it is easy for many to see through how you only skim the surface- it does not really bother you since you are going to give up your audience sooner than they are going to give you up. You may be a Jack-of-all-trades but it does not mean that you lack the ability to master skills; you just don't have the time, something else always seems to come up. You are versatile and have an amazing grasp of the subject you choose, although it may not interest you for long. With an active and creative mind, you can come up with the goods but it still requires great effort for you to follow them up. However, your talents, like you, need to be recognized and appreciation serves as encouragement.

Gemini Lover
You are best advised not to rush headlong into marriage; give adequate thought before popping the question. Libra, Aquarius, fellow Gemini, and Aries are best suited as life partners for Gemini. Make sure you feel very comfortable with the person you want to marry, before you commit yourself. Anyone romantically involved with you, even for a short while, is likely to find you affectionate, interesting, adventurous and a fun person to be with, but your fickle, almost uncaring attitude will manage to break many hearts before you finally settle down. You may be a notorious flirt, but it will be wonderful coming home to someone who has stood by you through all the highs and lows. Be sure that your partner shares your sense of humour. You are a fun person to be with. You get along with children like a house on fire. You will never stray if your family life is satisfying.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Started off the day filling the TNPCEE application form for my brother who has succesfully finished his 12th Followed by finishing the insurance formalities with the insurance agent.My grandma has got an eye operation today and hope everything goes on smooth and fine.Yesterday was my parent's 26th wedding anniversary and went to "Murugan's idli kadai" at G.N.chetty road,,T.nagar. I must admit it was the best Joint i have visited in recent times.

1)Very much affordable
2)Only place in chennai where Idli's seem softer than butter.
3)Ambience is good.
4)instant serving.Time delay prolly at the max 2 minutes..
5)so many varieties of chutney esp: the pudhina is simply superb..

1)no north indian varieties
2)always a big rush is there and you gotta wait at least 10 mins outside before you get in unless you are the first person to kick start their business for the day.

Went thru suze,nikhil,chandoo and sindhu's a poem abt love in tamil @ sindhu's bog.good stuff.her english is goddamn hi-fi wih all GRE type words wherein elucidating it itself will take hours.Chandoo's love story was cute and realistic.In fact i can empathise with chandoo and feel how it would have been for him during the tour.Each and every incident is riveting and interesting and chandoo i am damn sure you can proudly show these to your grandchildren.Sriram's recollection of good ol days in chennai,Cricket offered me yet another oppurtunity to recall my cricketing days in school and college and relive it.

Started the work for the day and Yipee!! Found a bug.logged it.waiting for a reply.

Just put up my own Online Quiz on PS at my site.Plan to add at least one every month in my site.Site is still not that well designed.i will do it as soon as i find time.Those who take it please do pour in your two pennies worth..

Gotta go and get IMS material from my friend.been asking it for the past 2 months.he's yet to clean his room and give it to me.dei in case u read this clean it quickly coz i have started my prep towards CAT and each day of prep matters.
TIME has announced the dates for the Mock CAT series.

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