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"Lifela risk Idukka Thaiyyaraa!! Appadina entha Numberaa Contact pannunga!!!" -- (tamil equivalent of the title!!)These were the first words my friend heard from an stranger as he was stepping out after attending a job interview.Being jobless without even thinking whether the stranger was a recruiter for Al-Qaeda or an american contract company in Iraq my friend said yes.This signalled the start of sequence of interesting events that happened yesterday.

My friend was called for an interview by this XYZ company which ironically is quite a popular MNC . He had his interview at 10 AM in the morning and the recruiters pleased with his capabilities asked him to directly start on a field trip the very day itself.Besides tehy asked him whether he had passports and would be requiring them as he would be likely visiting australia in a few months.Now my friend( say rahul for namesake) isn't such a nitwit to accept the facts blindfoldedly.He immediately called me up and asked me whether the company existed and how big the company was.I was afraid that they might dupe him,sell off his kidneys ,what not else..coz no company by just talking to a graduate will ask him to get ready to be flying in 3-4 months.I searched the Net and was surprised that such a company existed and was a major player.I told him that he was fortunate and he should go ahead.

aah..i forgot to tell you the definitions the company's senior executive asked him..he asked him to tell the difference between "Employer " and " Employee".After telling the normal funda defn: the Comp: banda said that

The former starts with E and ends in R while the latter starts with E and ends with E .

my friend was dumbfounded. He started thinking whether the man was joking or was he really a "Soora kadiyan"(mental) . But,thats where the difference is,the banda being trained in giving new definitions a la arindham chaudhary or shiv khera elucidated abt the funda..

Employee starts with Empty hands and ends up also as a Empty man ( E E)
Employer starts with Empty hands and ends up as a
Rich man.(E R)

i was literally rolling on the floor when i listened to this explanation.Then with high hopes my friend set out to go for his first day of training in the field with a person of that organisation.with high hopes of doing causal analysis,strategy planning or risk management in the company the Bike ride passed away with dreams and hopes of a brilliant future.The bike stopped and the fellow colleague asked him to alight down and then some other person took away the bike .Now lord nataraja helped them and they reached the field,a business man's office and before even entering the office first word my friend heard was " Get out " .He was stunned.He still had no clue about what kinda job he was supposed to do.then slowly they went to another office and this time my friend heard the golden words " Aiyya!! Saami Credit Card freeya tharom,Vaangikanga" .

The harsh reality came to fore--He was supposed to sell HSBC credit cards!!

its been too big a post... i donno whether my write up was humorous but the way he explained it to me really got me in peals of laughter..esp: two incidents about which i will write in the next post.


Anonymous said…
Dude..I was laughing like mad after reading u r write up...well written

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